1. Science

    Hawaii Issues Tsunami Warning After Chile Earthquake

    It's been declared a state of emergency in Hawaii, where officials have started to plan for the possible tsunami caused by yesterday's earthquake in Chile. The first waves are expected to hit at 4:19 EST this afternoon. Sirens blare to alert residents in the coastal areas to instruct them to evacuate, even as Hilo International Airport has been shut down and the planes grounded. American officials are prepared to visit both Chile and Hawaii, according to a Washington Post report.

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  2. Tech

    The 7 Most ‘Awkward’ Crowdsourced Websites

    “Awkward” has pretty much become a replacement for the word “uncomfortable,” single-handedly conveying all of the speechlessness, disturbance, annoyance, uneasiness, and embarrassment that young people endure each day. So it comes as no surprise that this mutually understood (and now welcomed) awkwardness has found its way onto web pages as a resource to connect people. Rather than emphasize the gripes of dealing with unanticipated situations, these contributors and readers highlight the entertainment value to their uncomfortable social circumstances. Here, the seven best sites that embrace the world’s awkwardness:

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  3. Power Grid

    Power Grid FAQ

    As you may have noticed, Geekosystem has a nifty feature called the Power Grid, which ranks people, objects, and assorted eidolons from across the vast expanses of geekery. What is this Power Grid, and by what infernal machinations does it issue forth its categories, subjects, and rankings? A brief FAQ:

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