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    Tips For Checking Out The Leonid Meteor Shower This Weekend

    Every November, the Leonids rain down on the Earth; but sadly, this year, the meteor shower is probably going to be more minimal than mind-blowing. Don't give up hope, though; here are some tips on how to see some meteors this weekend!

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    Geminid Meteor Shower Will Peak Tonight, Unnamed Shower May Also Appear

    Christmas may not be here for another few weeks, but for astrology astronomy buffs everywhere, today might as well be it. Tonight marks the annual Geminid meteor shower -- named for the Gemini constellation it is conjectured to emanate from -- which will be peaking and boasting an estimated 100 meteors or more per hour. This isn't the only show that will be lighting up the skies tonight. Astronomers predict that the Geminids will be prefaced by a new, unnamed meteor shower. Granted, it won't be as spectacular as the shower to follow, but it's nevertheless managed to pique the collective interest of stargazers.

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