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    Disney World to Issue Identification Bracelets, Park Moves One Step Closer to Police State

    Don't give us that look, you knew as well as we did that the Walt Disney Company would eventually cut its fang-like teeth on insidious global takeover. This spring, Disney World will feel more like an internment camp than a destination for exorbitant family entertainment when the park initiates the MyMagic+ vacation management system and MagicBand identification bracelets. These bracelets, if participating visitors are so inclined, will be encoded with a wealth of information including the individual's name, credit card information, and other tidbits such as birthdays. Disney believes that this new system will mean faster purchase transactions and less time spent waiting in line to get on rides, but it's natural if some people would rather not have corporate goons sifting through private information for their own ends. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the police state as envisioned by Mickey Mouse!

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  2. Weird

    Mickey Mouse Made to Look His Age

    Mickey Mouse debuted in November of 1928, in the iconic Steamboat Willie, which makes him 83 years old today. As with most cartoons that aren't shown aging or even progressing through time during their lives (The Simpsons certainly comes to mind), Mickey hasn't aged a single day. Luckily for those who ever wondered what the mouseman would look like if he ever did age, using skills honed from a mask making class, artist Darick Maasen has created a vision of what Mickey would look like today, assuming micemen live on the same age lifecycle as humans.

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  3. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 11/24

    Two Giants, Together At Last (yfrog) The First Teaser Pics From So Many Movies You are Likely to be Interested in At Least One of Them (ScreenRant) 10 Things For Geeks to be Thankful For (GeekDad) Mickey Mouse Gets Epic, Minnie Gets... Skinny? (Jezebel) Are You A Comic Geek and A Radio Geek? (This American Life) Facebook Trademarked "Face" but DON'T PANIC (Gizmodo) Star Wars Pride Day, in Honor of Katie (Facebook) (pic via Reddit.)

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  4. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 6/26

    Pixtar Wars (Sillof's Workshop) LA's Rush Hour Puppet Show (The LA Times) Video Games Keep Kid From Going Blind in One Eye (Kotaku) Fictional Drugs and Their Real-Wold Equivalents (SciFi Wire) 30 Facts From 30 Games That You Don't Know (1Up) Mickey Mouse, With Bugs (Neatorama) Lightning Strikes 3 Chicago Towers at the Same Time (Craig Shimala) (image via Bleeding Cool, and why you should be nice to your letterer.)

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