1. Tech

    The IRS Missed the Windows XP Update Deadline, Has to Pay Microsoft Millions for Support

    It's tax day! Did you file your taxes yet? You know, it's important to get it done on time, because the IRS doesn't stand for missed deadlines—unless, of course, that deadline is Microsoft's end of Windows XP support. Then, the IRS is all, "Oh, was that this month? You know, I've just been so busy. Can I get an extension?"

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  2. Gaming

    Microsoft Will Warn You If You’re Being a Dick on the Xbox One

    No one wants to play online with a jerk, so if you get yourself a reputation as one, then Microsoft wants to let you know. They've introduced a new system where Xbox One players will be warned when their online reputation "needs work."

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  3. Tech

    Pizza Hut May Soon Have Touchscreen Interactive Tables

    In case knowing the name of your Domino's Delivery person wasn't enough future for you, Pizza Hut might elevate their dine-in experience with touchscreens. Yesterday the chain's youtube channel released a concept video showing young, hip customers spinning pizza and playing games on an "Interactive Concept Table" like a couple of personal pan DJs.

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  4. Gaming

    Microsoft Isn’t Happy British Spies Considered Spying on Gamers With Kinect

    Further proving British spies have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the technologically literate, new details in their probably incredibly useful Yahoo user spying program say that they were also eyeing Microsoft's Kinect as a way to spy on people. Is there no piece of technology we can trust? Luckily, who even uses Kinect?

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  5. Gaming

    South Korea Monitors Their Border With Microsoft’s Kinect, at Least Somebody Found a Use for It

    For the Xbox One, Microsoft pulled out all the stops and developed an incredibly powerful version of the original Kinect, and pretty much no one cared, because they just want it to be $100 cheaper like the PlayStation 4. All that technology won't go to waste, though, because a South Korean programmer put it to work on the nation's border.

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  6. Gaming

    Cortana’s Voice Actress Will Provide Her Talents for Microsoft’s “Cortana” Voice Command Feature

    Halo fans, get ready to have a very Her relationship with your Microsoft devices. In not entirely surprising (but awesome) news, considering Microsoft has been calling their upcoming voice command rollout "Cortana" for months, it seems that Halo voice actress Jen Taylor will voice the feature named after her character.

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  7. Tech

    Microsoft Gets Real Catty with New Anti-Google “Keep Calm” Shirt

    If you're worried that you live in a world where major companies don't behave like petulant children, relax. They still totally do. Just look at this shirt you can buy from Microsoft that mocks Google and their data-mining ways, as if they're two middle school kids running against each other for class president.

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  8. Gaming

    Watch Polygon’s Live, 12-Hour Xbox One Marathon Today!

    The wonderful people over at Polygon are going to be playing Xbox One all day, but don't be jealous; they're doing it for you! From 11:30AM EST today to the wee hours of tomorrow at 12:30AM, you can watch Xbox One gameplay and live vicariously through the folks at Polygon as they show you the Xbox One first hand ahead of its Friday release.

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  9. Gaming

    Xbox One Will Be Guarded By Sharks In Lead-Up to World Wide Release

    We thought it wasn't going to get any weirder after "giant Xbox full of zombies" thing that Microsoft pulled two weeks ago. Apparently we were wrong. In anticipation for the gaming console's release across 10,000 countries, they stuck one of the Xbox Ones in a tank and are guarding it with sharks. No, really. Big ones.

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  10. Gaming

    New Xbox One Video Shows Off Creepy Kinect Features, Menus, and User Experience

    This new video showing off the Xbox One doesn't focus much on games. Instead, it gives an in-depth look at the user experience, menus, and apps. We think that's a smart play, because as launch day for both systems approaches now's the time to show potential buyers how the system would fit into their lives beyond games.

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  11. Tech

    Things Get Weird in All of the Microsoft Viral Anime Marketing We Found

    After we found Microsoft's crazy new Internet Explorer mascot video today, we went on a trip down the Internet rabbit hole and found out there was a whole world of Microsoft product anime personification out there. We barely made it out with our sanity, and we brought some of the craziness back with us for your enjoyment.

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  12. Tech

    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Anime Mascot Video Is Completely Bonkers [Video]

    Internet Explorer's new mascot, Inori Aizawa, is a personification of Internet Explorer who fights robots with blue screens of death, which we're surprised no one at Microsoft noticed before this video went out. She also has a Facebook page dedicated to furthering the personification of IE as an anime girl, so we're a bit creeped out.

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  13. Gaming

    Microsoft’s Giant Xbox One Was Full of Zombies, We Are Now Scared of Xbox One

    It looks like we were right about the impending doom inside of Microsoft's giant Xbox One, which is strange, because we weren't at all serious. It opened yesterday and unleashed a horde of zombies on Vancouver, and a bloodbath—no, wait, they were actors playing zombies, and no one got hurt. Put down the shotguns and implements of decapitation.

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  14. Gaming

    Microsoft’s New Xbox One Marketing Ploy Is a Comically Large Xbox One

    Microsoft's weird marketing obsession with giant-size versions of their products has reached a new level of "why would you even do that?" They've erected a giant Xbox One in Vancouver, because apparently a regular Xbox One isn't giant enough.

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  15. Tech

    Bill Gates Admits That Control+Alt+Delete Was A Big Mistake

    The "three finger salute" of Control+Alt+Delete has been a part of Microsoft lore since it was first put into the Acorn computers in 1981 by developer David Bradley. It's also used to log in to Windows 7 and below, which annoys users to this day. Gates is real sorry about that, as it turns out.

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