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    Someone Edited the Power Rangers Theme Song Over the Pacific Rim Trailer, Improves it Drastically

    We love a good giant robot here at Geekosystem, so of course we're pumped for Pacific Rim. The new trailer looks impressive, but somebody thought it would be even better if they replaced all the sound with the opening theme song for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They were so incredibly right. It makes it at least five times as great as the unaltered trailer. Zordon would be proud. Maybe when the movie comes out next summer I'll just watch it while listening to the soundtrack from the Power Rangers movie.

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    Blue Power Ranger Reveals That He Quit the Show Over Harassment as a Gay Actor

    If you grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, your your understanding of the show's behind-the-scenes tensions will be forever changed when you watch this moving interview with the original Blue Ranger, David Yost ("Billy") which was conducted by Power Rangers fan community No Pink Spandex at this year's Anime Festival Orlando 2010. In the interview, Yost reveals that he quit the show because of the intense anguish and harassment he felt on set as a gay actor. Yost says that his costars were called into producers' offices several times and questioned about his sexuality, that the reason he quit the show is "because I was called 'f***ot' one too many times" by the show's "creators, producers, writers, directors," and that he contemplated taking his own life. Then, for two years, he participated in a program called "Pray the Gay Away" under the belief that "God's gonna somehow come down and change you," and then had a nervous breakdown, whereafter he came to accept who he was.

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