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    Public Relations Company Sends Horrible Emails to Customer, Gets Soundly Shamed by Penny Arcade [UPDATED]

    The Internet allows people to post their grievances with just about anyone to an audience so earth-shatteringly wide that no matter the subject, even if it is something absurd that one would assume no one would agree with, people will agree with and take up arms in your Internet name. The Internet can be used the other way around as well, as a great tool for public relations. What happens when someone in public relations loses his cool at some poor customer who was only trying to find out the shipping date of a long-overdue Avenger controller? Why, the Internet becomes captivated, of course! The story is certainly helped by the fact that Mike Krahulik, otherwise known as Gabe of Penny Arcade was involved and posted the entire email corresponded chain to his website. The ridiculously absurd story, recounted after the break.

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    An Invitation: Go Forth and Geek up Time’s ‘Most Influential People of 2010′ Poll

    When someone puts a general poll on the internet, we get Lara Croft Way and Computer Engineer Barbie; in other words, wonderful things happen. In this spirit, we'd like to give you some links to the more than 2 dozen geeky and geek beloved people on this year's list of 200 vying for a spot in an issue of Time through open internet poll. If it's going to be mostly unscientific anyway, let's tilt it in our favor!

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    PAX Attendees Implore Nathan Fillion on Twitter: Come to the Next PAX!

    This afternoon, attendees at the first-ever East Coast Penny Arcade Expo, PAX East, united for one common purpose: urging Firefly and Castle star and Joss Whedon muse Nathan Fillion to attend the next PAX.

    At the second Penny Arcade Q&A panel, someone asked Tycho -- who, along with Gabe, is one of the two driving forces behind the wildly popular webcomic (real names: Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins) -- to try to get Fillion to attend PAX Prime, which will take place in Seattle from September 3-5. The idea quickly caught on, and now, Twitter is blowing up with requests to @nathanfillion to attend either PAX Prime or next year's PAX East.

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