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    Boeing Using Old Shuttle Hangars To House Secret Military Space Planes, Which Are A Real Thing

    Since the US Space Shuttle program is now defunct, NASA has had to find a new use for all those shuttle hangars (other than filling them with the tears of space-lovers from across the country). Boeing's stepped in, and will be converting a hangar at Florida's Kennedy Space Center to support all those secret Air Force space planes.

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  2. Tech

    Disposable Paper Plane UAV Prototype Designed to Help With Forest Fires

    Australia has more than just abundant natural predators, and what I would assume is very expensive life insurance: The robotics team at the University of Queensland has created prototypes of technology that will be disposable UAVs. What have they made, exactly? Well, these mini-drones are thus far essentially a paper plane and a maple seed.

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  3. Tech

    Military Uniform Of The Future Will Repel Chemical and Biological Weapons, Still Working On Repelling Bullets

    Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are hard at work developing the next generation of materials for military uniforms. While we're not quite to space age full plates with jet pack attachments yet, some of the models researchers are experimenting with are pretty cool. Case in point? This carbon nanotube fabric that detects and repels attacks from chemical and biological weapons like nerve gas. Still working on a uniform that is also bullet and explosion repellent, but hey, it's a start.

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