1. Tech

    Minecraft Wasn’t Hacked, But You Should Probably Change Your Password If You Use the Internet

    No, I don't mean that in a hyperbolic, "hackers are going to steal your identity and become an evil pod-person version of you, freak the Hell out!" way. It's a good idea to change your password often, but it's an especially good idea if you use a site that employs an OpenSSL version that's vulnerable to the recently discovered Heartbleed bug.

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  2. Gaming

    So It Begins: Minecraft Developer Kills Plans for Oculus Rift Integration Because of Facebook

    Amidst the obligatory Twitter jokes about Facebook buying VR system Oculus Rift for $2 billion dollars were some legitimate concerns: how will this acquisition change the flow of progress for the Oculus itself? Well, it means we won't officially get to kill creepers and farm for gold in virtual reality anytime soon.

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  3. Gaming

    Not Only Might the Minecraft Movie Be a Thing, It Might Also Be Live-Action

    We were confused and pleasantly surprised last night when Markus Persson of Mojang AB tweeted out that he was in talks to develop a Minecraft film. Now, Deadline has reported some extra details about the movie deal that make even less sense.

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  4. Gaming

    Minecraft’s Creator Just Tweeted That He’s Working With Warner Bros. on a Minecraft Movie

    Minecraft creator Markus Persson just tweeted that he's working with Warner Bros. on a Minecraft movie, so the Internet is probably about to explode. No doubt Warner is excited about this after the success that is The LEGO Movie, so a Minecraft movie seems like a no-brainer.

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  5. Gaming

    How Come Nobody’s Really Tried To Copy Minecraft Yet? [Video]

    Okay, hear us out. Yes, ripping off ideas from other, better material is probably bad. But as PBS Game/Show points out, Minecraft is ridiculously popular among gamers and non-gamers alike, so you'd expect more post-Minecraft game developers to be borrowing from their success in a big way. So what gives?

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  6. Gaming

    Live-Action Minecraft Short Makes Steve A Pickaxe-Wielding Bad-Ass

    It's just a normal day for Steve, Minecraft's main protagonist, wandering around the vast world with his pickaxe. Oh, and doing some zombie- and witch-killing, while he's at it. In this short film from Ben Combes (who previously released a two-part series on creepers), we see what Minecraft life would be like in high-def.

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  7. Gaming

    It’s Not Too Late to Decorate Your Space with These Minecraft Snowflakes

    In case you haven't noticed, we are all about geeky christmas decorations here at Geekosystem. You know, what with being geeks and all. Geek! So these Minecraft snowflakes are gonna go great next to the Star Wars and Game of Thrones ones we've already made. Let's just hope they all get along on our tree.

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  8. Gaming

    Is PCMag Seriously Trying To Charge Game Developers To Display Their Award Logos?

    Markus Persson of Minecraft fame just tweeted out an interesting e-mail he got. In it, Ziff Davis, the company that runs PC Magazine, is informing Persson that they've named Minecraft the winner of a dozen or so various awards, including Game of the Year. The catch? Now PCMag wants money. Like, a lot of money.

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  9. Gaming

    Google Modded Minecraft, Now Includes Quantum Physics

    Quantum physics is complicated and hard to understand. Minecraft is popular, addictive, and fun to play. Combining the two may seem strange, but that's exactly what Google has done with their free qCraft mod for the game. It adds new blocks and features to introduce players to the world of quantum physics.

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  10. Gaming

    Vsauce Explores How Much Stuff Video Game Characters Can Carry [Video]

    Video game characters are known to carry a crap-load of stuff on their person at any given time. Unsatisfied with the accuracy of "a crap-load," Jake Roper and Vsauce have decided to delve into the mystery of just how much our favorite characters can fit in their virtual pockets.

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  11. Gaming

    Putt-Putt Golf Company Doesn’t Get How Minecraft Works, Slaps Devs With Cease and Desist

    So here's a fun fact: Apparently the term "Putt-Putt" isn't just a dorky synonym for mini golf but an actual brand! Sort of like "Band-Aid" and "Kleenex" get used interchangeably with bandage and tissue in common vernacular. Who knew? Apparently a lot of the people who play Minecraft didn't, as mini golf maps have gotten pretty popular in the past year, and a lot of them are referred to as Putt-Putt games. Rather than bask in their ubiquitousness as a household name, though, the Putt-Putt company decided to hit the developers behind Minecraft with a cease and desist order. Somebody needs to have a talk with them about what the Internet is and how it works, I think.

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  12. Gaming

    What’s the Ultimate Educational Tool? It Might Be Minecraft [Video]

      Could Minecraft -- a game that lets players essentially do anything and build anything they want -- be used by educators to teach students any subject, making it the ultimate educational tool? PBS Idea Channel seems to think so, and they're not alone. They cite some schools currently using the game to teach a wide range of subjects as well as game advocates calling for an increase in game-based learning. We love learning, and we love video games, so we're pretty much all for this.

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  13. Gaming

    King’s Landing From Game of Thrones Built in Minecraft’s Potentially the Best Thing Ever

    Look, we know the Minecraft craze has mostly faded, but there's always something interesting being built within the confines of the sandbox game of all sandbox games. People like making things, especially if those things are scaled down versions of places represented in fiction and pop culture. We've even covered such things before, so believe us when we say that this version of King's Landing from Game of Thrones is perhaps the best thing ever built in Minecraft. No foolin'.

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  14. Gaming

    World of Warcraft Recreated in Minecraft on 1:1 Scale, Beta Released to All

    Minecraft has been around for a while now -- ages in Internet years -- and we've seen some incredible structures and locations built in the blocky world simulator. Sure, the scope of builds became virtually limitless once people figured out they could throw together some code and use a script that analyzes data from an outside source and then automatically translate it to in-game Minecraft blocks, but even then, some builds are just ridiculous. Case in point, World of Warcraft built in Minecraft. The project has been under construction for quite some time, but the beta was just released. Head on past the break to check out comparisons between the two games, as well as more info on the project.

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  15. Gaming

    A Creepy, Fascinating Minecraft Metagame Experiment

    Minecraft is a lot of things: A fun game that you can never quite fully quit, a shining beacon of the indie gaming industry, the epitome of a rags-to-riches story. Now, thanks to a fairly crazy experiment over on a particular Minecraft server, we can add "creepy psychological examination" to the list of things that Minecraft is.

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