1. Weird

    Is This The Best Political Ad Ever? Yes, Yes It Is [Video]

    Jeffrey Alan Wagner is running for mayor of Minneapolis in an upcoming election. He promises that if he wins, he won't go to the strip club anymore. He also seems to live in a lake. Mayor is too small for this man -- let's elect him president.

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  2. Tech

    If You Drink and Drive in Minneapolis or St. Paul Your Name Will End Up on Twitter

    We all know the usual consequences of drinking and driving (see: Death), but the Department of Public Safety in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul wants to add another one -- shame. They're stepping up enforcement of drunk driving laws this weekend, and they'll be tweeting out the names of all the people they arrest for driving while intoxicated.

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  3. Weird

    “Lost: 8 Small Strips of Paper Containing My Contact Info”

    Graphic designer Phil Jones spotted this sign in the snowy streets of Minneapolis. (Phil Jones via TDW via Laughing Squid)

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