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    Pakistan Cuts Mobile Phone Service in Major Cities Following String of Bombings

    The government of Pakistan and mobile phone carriers in the country have cut cellular service in major cities like Quetta and Karachi in the wake of a string of terrorist bombings that have shaken the country. It' the second time this month the government has attempted to disrupt communications between terrorists by taking the rather drastic step of eliminating cell phone coverage to wide swathes of the nation's urban centers.

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    History of the Mobile Phone Light Show [Video]

    Apparent disco and light show enthusiasts at and came together to create this neat little ditty visualizing the evolution of the mobile phone from the old bricks of days gone by to the svelte devices we have now. A nice mix of retro phones and a chiptunes style soundtrack with futuristic hologram-lookin' spin that'll go down easy and is sure to please. Enjoy.

    (via Reddit)

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