1. Weird

    How Much is Monopoly Money Actually Worth?

    We tend to use the term "Monopoly Money" to imply something is worthless, but is it really? Does Monopoly money have any real value? Well, no, obviously. It's paper money from a board game, but it's still a thing people buy, so it has to be worth something, right? Let's figure out the exchange rate of dollars to Monopoly money. For reasons.

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  2. Gaming

    This Homemade Fallout Monopoly Board’s Clearly the Best Birthday Present

    The only way you can make Monopoly an enjoyable game is to add zombies, some dystopian sci-fi, or possibly the Powerpuff Girls, but you know what else might work? The post-apocalyptic, alternate history trappings of the Fallout video game series. Which is exactly what someone on Reddit totally did for their wife's birthday.

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  3. Gaming

    Stay in the House, Carl: The Walking Dead Monopoly and Risk Coming Soon

    We as consumers like to think that we get what we ask for -- like it's the "demand" part of supply and demand -- but sometimes maybe we shouldn't. Apparently, we asked for The Walking Dead versions of both Risk and Monopoly, because that's what USAopoly and Skybound are sending our way.

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  4. Gaming

    Get Ready to Flip the Board: Monopoly Announces New Token Lineup

    When Hasbro announced that it would hold a vote to replace one of Monopoly's tokens with a new one, I made some suggestions for better pieces. It looks like they ignored my brilliant suggestion of putting a jet pack in the game, because today they've announced the results of their election. We have the results, and Hasbro's over-the-top animations announcing those results after the jump.

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  5. Gaming

    8 Pieces That Hasbro Should Add to Monopoly That Are Better Than What They’re Suggesting

    One of the most iconic things about the board game Monopoly is the pieces. Some people (me) even refuse to play if their favorite piece (top hat) is taken by another player, but there's about to be a shakeup in the roster. Hasbro is holding a vote for a new piece, but they're also dumping the existing piece that gets the least support from fans. Things aren't looking good for you, wheelbarrow, but the real tragedy of this story is that the pieces Hasbro is offering up as replacements are lame, so we've come up with some better suggestions.

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  6. Entertainment

    WordPress Now Takes Bitcoin, Still Won’t Accept Monopoly Money

    Bitcoin has had its ups and downs. The entirely digital currency has seen high-profile thefts, potential debit cards, and even botnets. Even so, the legitimacy of Bitcoin is often questioned, and its detractors often compare it Monopoly money: Valuable within the game, but worthless otherwise. Looks like the naysayers might have been wrong. WordPress has begun accepting Bitcoins, and Monopoly money is still only Monopoly money.

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  7. Entertainment

    Alan Turing Has an Official Monopoly Board. Here are Some of Our Other Favorites

    Godfather of the computer age, Alan Turing, will be getting his face on some currency -- just not, y'know, real money. Turing's face will grace each and every bank note in the newly announced Monopoly: Alan Turing Edition. Based on a design that Turing played with friend Max Newman, the game, released by Bletchley Park Code Centre, where Turing did the codebreaking work that was instrumental to an Allied victory in WWII, is designed to teach players facts about Turing's life. Believe it or not, this Google-funded endeavor is just the latest of hundreds of bizarrely branded takes on Monopoly that are things that exist in the real world. You can get a look at some of out other favorites after the jump.

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  8. Gaming

    Street Fighter is Coming to a Monopoly Near You

    The Monopoly mashup trend continues. When we last left out board game hero, someone made a Skyrim version of the classic game, complete with Skyrim coin Monopoly money. This time around, we have an officially licensed Street Fighter version of Monopoly set for release. Along with the usual themed spaces that allow players to further the evil landlord style play of Monopoly, the famed pieces will be Street Fighter characters -- something a little more visually interesting than a thimble.

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  9. Gaming

    Skyrim Monopoly Continues the Trend of Awesome Video Game Monopoly Adaptations

    Producing themed Monopoly boards was always how a very, very old game that practically everyone has sitting in a closet or two managed to make money. Most people who would have the orignal version of the game also own some amusingly themed version -- myself included; The Simpsons -- but for the people who like less popular themes, or even themes too dissimilar to ever cross into Monopoly territory, the Internet and talented artists with a vision are here to save the day. This time, deviantART user oddeh (Alex Bennett) plunges Monopoly into the world of Skyrim, complete with coins instead of dollar bills.

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  10. Gaming

    Mass Effect Monopoly Isn’t Quite Mass Effect 3, Still Cool

    It looks as if unofficial video game versions of Monopoly are becoming a fad. I could not be more pleased. When I first saw Fallout Monopoly, I thought it was the coolest Monopoly ever, though I'll admit, that's not much of a feat. Tommy LeRoy must have thought it was cool too, because it inspired him to design and build a Mass Effect Monopoly game. A lot of the replacements are perfect, the train stations are Mass Relays and Jail is "Dead in Space." I really hope this trend continues, although what better franchises could you pick after Fallout besides Mass Effect? Maybe StarCraft, although I'd really like to see a Mechwarrior Monopoly. Or Commander Keen. I doubt that'll ever happen though. Maybe that's for the best.

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  11. Gaming

    Fallout 3 Monopoly: Do Not Pass G.O.A.T., Do Not Collect 200 Caps

    I've never been a huge fan of Monopoly. I'm already in crippling debt to my friends and family, besides, dealing with that many paper bills is just a chore when they aren't real. Fallout Monopoly, however, is something I could really get behind. Before you get too excited, Fallout Monopoly, much like the beautiful zeerusty world it depicts, is not actually real. Instead, it was a pet project of deviantART user PinkAxolotl, who might love the Fallout universe more than I do.

    Each square has been replaced with a location or event from the Fallout games including stops like Rivet City and Megaton. The cards also have that distinct future-50's flair and depict actions performed by our favorite little Vault Boy (he is the Vault Boy, not the Pip Boy, and certainly not Fallout Boy). And, best of all, the annoying paper money seems to be complimented with some deliciously physical caps. The only nit I might find to pick with this nonexistent game is that it appears to focus entirely on the most recent generation of games, so there are presumably no references to Vault 13 or the Master or anything, but hey, it's a Fallout Monopoly game. That's pretty much the apex of cool.

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  12. Entertainment

    Alan Turing’s Hand-Drawn Monopoly Board

    Ever wondered what a Monopoly board would look like if Alan Turing hand-drew it? Well, wonder no more. Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing happened to get a shot of it:

    Bletchley Park, the birthplace of modern computing and cryptography, where the Allied WWII cipher-breaking effort was headquartered. Cold War paranoia caused Churchill to order Bletchley broken up, its work kept secret, its machines destroyed, and, very slowly, it is being rebuilt.Earlier this year, the Bletchley Trust acquired Alan Turing's papers for the collection with a grant from, and I got this shot of Turing's awesome hand-drawn Monopoly board -- the cryptographers of Bletchley were sequestered from the rest of the world and desperate for distraction, hence this great bit of historical ephemera.

    Head on past the jump to see a larger version of the image.

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  13. Gaming

    The Most Valuable Properties in Monopoly

    Engineering student and Deadspin reader Matt recently wrote a fascinating piece on the strategy behind beloved board game Monopoly as enlightened by Markov chains, and prepared the table above listing the probabilities of landing on each square. He has lots of interesting stuff to say -- for instance, it's no surprise that landing on the "Go to Jail" square is bad news, but it's less intuitive that a free player just visiting the "In Jail" square has especially good prospects. But what does all of this mean for a player trying to win at Monopoly?

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  14. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 10/24

    Life Size Monopoly House (Neatorama) Terrifying My Little Pony Zombie (eponyart) The Fastest Way Around the Bases Is Actually Almost a Circle (ScienceNews) Marty McFly Imitator for BttF Game Is Amazing (Kotaku) Photoshop Arms Onto Birds (Something Awful) Wikileaks Vs. The Pentagon Papers (Death and Taxes) Today is Wonder Woman Day (Wonder Woman Museum) (pic via Kotaku.)

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  15. Tech

    Justice Department Probe Into Apple No Longer Just About iTunes

    We already knew that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating whether Apple "unfairly dominates" the sale of digital music; contacting officials in the music industry as well as online music vendors. Now the New York Post's sources say that the probe is a bit broader than originally thought.
    According to several sources, the Justice Dept. has contacted a handful of the country's biggest media and technology companies to get their views on Apple, which, after years of casting itself as the tiny outsider, has become an 800-pound gorilla calling the shots in several arenas.

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