1. Weird

    When Yeti Hunting, the United States Requires You to Have Your Permit Ready

    Say you're hiking in the Himalayas and you happen to spot the Abominable Snowman. Whether it's throwing snowballs at you, running away, or just minding its own abominable business, if you don't have a permit to "carry out an expedition" specifically in search of it, you'd better leave it alone. And definitely don't you dare take a shot at it. Wait, you think this is a joke? If it was, the American Embassy in Nepal wasn't cracking a smile in 1957 when it issued a memo that stipulated the rules for Yeti hunting.

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  2. Science

    Loch Ness Monster Found, Claims Lifelong Loch Ness Monster Hunter and Tour Guide

    The Loch Ness Monster has finally, definitely been found. That is, if you believe skipper George Edwards, who handily enough has spent the last several decades searching for the Loch Ness Monster. The boat captain and Nessie expert claims to have photographed everyone’s favorite underwater creature of myth and legend - and this time, it is definitely not a sturgeon. Which is good to know, though “definitely not a sturgeon” doesn’t necessarily translate to “definitely a plesiosaur.”

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  3. Science

    Freaky Alien-Looking Swamp Monster Thing Captured on Deer Cam

    Supposedly captured by a deer stand camera set up in Berwick, Louisiana, a photo of this freaky monster thing has been making the rounds today, even appearing on a short local NBC segment (video posted after the jump). The hunter who discovered the photograph claims it's real, and also claims his camera was broken, but the memory card that contained the photo was left unharmed.

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  4. Gaming

    Gaga, Cartman, and Strings: Rock Band‘s New Additions

    For hard-core Rock Band players, the world is about to get much brighter: Starting this fall, Inspired Instruments will release the ‘You Rock Guitar’ and will consequently bring an end to all your digital guitar woes. A hybrid digital guitar and gaming platform with three modes—Music, Game, and ‘You Rock’— The You Rock Guitar can be connected to an amplifier and used as a real instrument, or plugged into your game console to play Rock Band. And by console, we don’t just mean your Playstation or Wii. We mean all consoles. By virtue of a removable cartridge, you’ll be able to wirelessly communicate with any system you, or your friends, may have. Let the competition truly begin:

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