1. Weird

    Pharmacist Prescribes “Anti-Monster Spray” to Six Year-Old Girl

    An act of kindness is receiving attention after radio station Hot 96 posted this photo in honor of Doctor and Nurse Appreciation Day. Pharmacist Jeff Dodds of Waterford City, North Dakota prescribed this spray for a six-year old girl whose fear of monsters left her unable to sleep, because sometimes life is like a Pixar movie.

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  2. Tech

    Follow Artist Steven Kraan on Twitter, Get a Pet Monster Drawing of Your Very Own

    Thanks to reader Melvin Pena, this morning we learned about Twitter artist Steven Kraan who tweets as @drawing_daily. Kraan has been doing an art project where he draws a pet monster for each of his followers. He's currently at 2,550 followers. That's a lot of monsters.

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  3. Entertainment

    10 Movies With Villains as Protagonists That We’d Totally Watch

    It's become a trend in movies to have us explore villains as protagonists, and Despicable Me 2 is just the latest. Monsters University has us understanding and even rooting for the literal monsters, and Wreck-It-Ralph is all about a video game villain -- it's clear audiences like seeing the other side of traditional villains. Even the traditional zombies can be a romantic contender nowadays. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 movies featuring villains as protagonists that we'd totally watch.

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  4. Entertainment

    7 Supernatural Creatures We Hope Never Get Sexy Hollywood Versions

    Folks, can we have some real talk for a second here? I'm totally down with the whole sexy monsters thing. I get it. Swayze worked it as a ghost. Vampires have had a certain sensual appeal since Stoker, and yeah, I'll even allow the 'sexy zombies' of Warm Bodies. But at some point, we need to draw a line in the sand, or, you know, several. In the interest of doing so, here are seven monsters that we never, ever want to see given the 'sexy monster' treatment by Hollywood. Not that we have a lot of pull in Hollywood, but dammit, it's worth a try.

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  5. Entertainment

    This Music Video Features Monsters of All Kinds, Makes You Doubt Your Sanity

    It's true that there's no accounting for taste. You may love music your best friend loathes, but have you ever watched a music video on YouTube that's just so crazy that you had to share it, no matter what the music was like? The new Bat For Lashes video, "Lilies," may be one of these. You probably know someone who'd love it just because it's got monster puppets and stop-motion fun. It's kind of like if David Bowie's Goblin King kidnapped Big Bird and Snuffleupagus, fused them together with Jeff Goldblum's Telepods from The Fly, then brought them to the land in Where the Wild Things Are. Oh, and then the monstrosities danced with a girl who was possessed by the ghost of Björk. Yeah, that's about right.

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  6. Entertainment

    New Trailer for Monsters Inc. College Movie Prequel Looks Exactly Like You’d Expect

    With Brave opening in theaters this Friday, the next film from the legendary Pixar studios will return to the world of Monsters, Inc.. But this time they're at college or something . Hmmm. Watch the trailer for Monsters University after the break and judge for yourself.

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  7. Science

    Freaky Alien-Looking Swamp Monster Thing Captured on Deer Cam

    Supposedly captured by a deer stand camera set up in Berwick, Louisiana, a photo of this freaky monster thing has been making the rounds today, even appearing on a short local NBC segment (video posted after the jump). The hunter who discovered the photograph claims it's real, and also claims his camera was broken, but the memory card that contained the photo was left unharmed.

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