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    First Dredd Trailer Leaves Us Cautiously Optimistic

    He may be no Stallone but Karl Urban does a decent job at being a no-shenanigans judge, jury and executioner in the first trailer for Dredd. Granted, this is our first real look at the movie, but with folks like Lena Headey in the cast it's hard to be just a little bit intrigued. Headey currently stars as the deliciously cruel Cersei Lannister in HBO's Game of Thrones and will be once again playing the villain. Surely we can find room in our collective hearts for a few more explosions.

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  2. Gaming

    Angry Birds Movie Trailer is as Fake as it is Awesome

    So here's the part where everyone says "Wow! I'd totally watch that movie!" but I won't because there are plenty of good, real movies I never get around to. That being said, this fake Angry Birds movie trailer is amazingly well realized. Trying to translate that game into anything with any semblance of story seems impossible, but the guys at Machinima and The Quarter Bin managed to come up with something halfway coherent and more bizarrely, halfway faithful to the game. Jolly good show. The impossibly-fake-movie trailer trend is getting just a little tired, but this is definitely good enough to get a pass.

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