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    Brace Your Inner Child: New Art From Bill Watterson, Creator of Calvin and Hobbes

    The beloved creator of Calvin and Hobbes designed amazing poster art for the documentary Stripped, available for advance order on iTunes as of midnight last night. It's a huge testimony to the movie's quality that the notoriously discerning Watterson was involved, but he could design a poster promoting his butt, and I'd be happy.

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    New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Features Even More Cumberbatch [Video]

    How much Benedict Cumberbatch can you take? Do you think you can take some more? I think you can take some more. A new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer just dropped, and it features Cumberbatch's villain doing a whole bunch of, well, villainous things. There's also a bunch of Kirk, Spock, and Uhura to go around, but this is the Internet, so Cumberbatch is clearly the main draw here.

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    New World War Z Trailer’s a Chaotic Mess, Like Every Zombie Apocalypse Should Be

    The film adaptation of Max Brooks' novel World War Z continues to chug along. At this point, it's really only morbid curiosity that keeps us interested, but that's probably the right kind of curiosity to have when it comes to films based around zombies. The latest trailer shows off a whole lot of nothing while still managing to include The Sound That Every Movie Trailer Has Now to indicate the seriousness of the subject matter. Brad Pitt plus zombies should still make for a fairly good time, but this trailer might not convince anyone straddling the fence.

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    New Red Dawn Trailer is for the Wolverines!

    The first theatrical trailer for the long-awaited remake of 80's cult classic Red Dawn was released yesterday... Well, I was waiting for it, anyway. If you've never seen Red Dawn, it's basically the movie that inspired Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, except you replace the U.S. military with a pack of teenagers living in the wild. Feel free to get excited now.

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