1. Entertainment

    Kermit and Fozzie Talk Existence and Ennui in 1979 Camera Test

    Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear, voiced by Jim Henson and Frank Oz respectively, got into some deep stuff while talking for a camera test from The Muppet Movie. Is Fozzie a real bear? Fozzie also does a comedy set for cows, and Miss Piggy pressures Kermit into buying a house they can't afford.

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  2. Entertainment

    This Guy Puts Your Fozzie Bear Impression to Shame and Sings “Rainbow Connection” as Every Muppet

    Brock Baker is a one man Muppet Chorus, which is no easy feat. I mean, sure some of the Muppets shared voice actors, but to get such a wide range of them perfectly can't be easy. So, let him serenade you with the classic "Rainbow Connection" as every Muppet and enjoy that little moment on each one when you register which Muppet he is.

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  3. Entertainment

    Kermit Sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

    It's March 18th, so it seems like we've all survived the chaos that was St. Patrick's Day weekend relatively unscathed. What happens when you can't take off all the green the next day, though? It probably means you put too much food coloring in your beer. Unless you're Kermit the frog, of course, in which case you get to sing a sad song about it.

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  4. Entertainment

    The Lipton Tea/Muppets Most Wanted Ad Is Great, Even If It’s for Lipton Tea

    The Muppets have had their differences with "the man" in the past, but they're taking a break to plug some products. The've completely taken over New York in a new Lipton Tea/Muppets Most Wanted tie-in ad, and it's pretty great. (Which has nothing to do with tea and entirely to do with the Muppets being great.)

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  5. Entertainment

    Here’s The Opening Number From Muppets Most Wanted

    Composer Brett McKenzie and the whole Henson family, thank you for helping make the long wait until Muppets Most Wanted comes out on the 21st a little more bearable. "We're Doing A Sequel" has all the self awareness, eye bugging, and old school Hollywood pizzazz we need to make it through one more Muppetless month.

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  6. Entertainment

    “ME PRECIOUS!”: Cookie Monster Seeks The Dessert Of Power in Lord of the Crumbs

    Sure, Sesame Street played a little fast and loose with the plot of Tolkien's beloved trilogy for this adorable parody, making it less about a terrible ring of powerful evil and more about a recipe for a delicious cookie that needs to be baked in the "fires of Mount Crumb." But hey, details, right?

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  7. Entertainment

    Flail Your Arms and Yell! Trailer for The Muppets: Most Wanted Is Here!

    The theatrical trailer for The Muppets: Most Wanted is online! Get real excited, everyone. The plot sounds vaguely like The Great Muppet Caper, but that's one of the best Muppet movies, so we're kind of fine with getting another one. Plus Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and a whole lot of other cameos.

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  8. Entertainment

    Feel Real Good While Watching The Roots and Jimmy Fallon Cover “Sesame Street” With a Bunch of Muppets

    We've been binge watching Mortal Kombat Legacy today. It's great, but we need a break. We need something light; Something joyful. What's that? There's video of Jimmy Fallon and The Roots covering the Sesame Street theme with classroom instruments, and the Muppets of Sesame Street? Yeah. That'll do.

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  9. Entertainment

    ‘90s Game of Thrones Illustrator Tackles Breaking Bad and the Muppets

    Chances are you’ve seen Mike Wrobel’s '90s-style Game of Thrones illustrations around the internet lately, but that's not all he's up to. In honor of Breaking Bad’s final season, Wrobel’s graced us with a wicked new illustration Walter White -- as meth dealer to the Muppets.

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  10. Entertainment

    So Many Feels: James Gandolfini Talks About Being Scared on Sesame Street [Video]

    The Internet is still reeling from the news that beloved Sopranos actor James Gandolfini has gone to the big New Jersey diner in the sky, and this video that the Sesame Street YouTube channel put out today says all you need to know about how much we've lost. In fact, I think I need a hug from Zoe too, now.

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  11. Entertainment

    OK Go Explains Primary Colors on Sesame Street in Glorious Stop Motion

    Even if you don't care for the musical stylings of Ok Go (and if you don't, I suspect you're not even human), you have to admire their sheer earnestness and their interest in attaching themselves to cool projects. The group recently appeared on Sesame Street, explaining the finer points of color theory -- namely, how primary colors -- work with some great stop motion animation and a catchy pop number to boot. I'll be humming about how you can make orange from red and yellow for the rest of the day. See the video, after the break.

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  12. Gaming

    Angry Birds is the Product of Tortured, Mutated Muppets

    So, it turns out when you lock muppets in a basement and force them to breed with each other, you get one of the most popular video games of all time.

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  13. Entertainment

    Beaker Gets Involved in a WWE Raw Match [Video]

    If you ever needed irrefutable proof that both the Muppets and professional wrestling are completely real, here you have it. In a recent match, Beaker, of the Muppets, provided wrestler Santino Marella with a Muppets' Lab energy drink intended to give "speed, power, and agility." While it didn't appear to do that, it did help Marella win the match. There is now no question in my mind why people don't take professional wrestling seriously: Because there isn't nearly enough of this.

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  14. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 1/30

    Skyward Sword getting "finishing touches" before release (Destructoid) Welcome to ChatotRoulette! (Dueling Analogs) Gene Roddenberry's original pitch for Star Trek (PDF) (Lee Thomson) Rock Band can actually teach you how to play actual drums (Destructoid) The Japanese Spider-Man is exactly as intense as you'd expect (YouTube) How to make 6 different Rube Goldberg machines (Geeks Are Sexy) Muppets made out of balloons! (Black Cat Balloon Company on Flickr) (Pic via Cake Wrecks)

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  15. Entertainment

    Elmo Makes A Pregnant Lady’s Day, Surely Gains a Future Fan

    Elmo Monster, and his little known alter ego Kevin Clash, have been making the press rounds this week in the promotion of their bio-pic Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey.  This video is from the premiere of the movie at the Sundance Film Festival, when Clash invited a pregnant festival attendee up on stage to meet Elmo. You might want to bite down on something hard, because these levels of adorable have been known to cause seizures. No matter what else happens in videos where you see the Muppeteers behind the Muppets, the best moment for me is always the split second where the puppet stops being a furry sock, and is suddenly a person.  It never ceases to amaze. (via ToughPigs.)

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