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    Music Video About Sexing Mythical Creatures Is Strangely Beautiful

    Sharing intimate moments with a mythical beast (note: not an acceptable nickname for any part of the anatomy) can cause bigger problems than a pregnancy or STD. This tragic animated music video from miracleofsound is like the Ballad of Jack and Rose, but if Rose spent way more time waiting for goats under bridges, and Jack became someone's dinner.

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    Our Friend Bill Nye Will Appear in a Music Video for The Mowgli’s

    Our Friend Bill Nye posted this photo to Instagram earlier today to show off his mad DJ skills. He'll be appearing in an upcoming music video for the band The Mowgli's. We've never heard of The Mowgli's but we kind of love them already because of this. We'll have the video for you once it's available.

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    Watch Snoop Lion Battle His Album’s Producer in His Pokémon-Themed Music Video [Video]

    Team Geekosystem doesn't exactly wake up in the morning expecting to really enjoy a Snoop Dogg—sorry, Snoopzilla—sorry again, Snoop Lion—music video, but the "Red/Yellow/Green Version" Pokémon tribute and 8-bit look of his new one was a welcome surprise. Can we get a sequel where we see a Snoopzilla Pokémon?

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  4. Weird

    Game of Thrones Meets Folk Metal Music In This Crazy Video

    What do you get when you put an overweight Tyrion Lannister together with insane Celtic rockers and some good ol' fashioned wenchin'? This ridiculously rad/kind of terrifying music video for Scythia's "Bear Claw Tavern." This progressive-metal-folklore band brings Westeros to a whole new level.

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  5. Weird

    We’re So, So Sorry: Rebecca Black’s “Saturday” Is A Real Song [VIDEO]

    Just when you'd gotten Rebecca Black's infernal "Friday" out of your head, she has returned to YouTube to continue her weekday-ruining reign of terror. "Saturday" is the spiritual successor to "Friday" in many ways - lyrically, visually, horrifically - and, ugh. Just, I don't know. Just watch it.

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    It Turns out That Really Great Doctor Who Animation Makes a Nice Mashup With “Take on Me” [Video]

    Not long ago, we were super excited (not crying at all) about a really well done Doctor Who tribute animation. Then, we spent a whole bunch of time laughing about what happened when our own Victoria McNally put it through a YouTube mashup generator (mute the left video) with A-ha's "Take on Me." Turns out, she wasn't the only one with that idea.

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    Interactive Music Video Makes TV Lip-Sync Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”

    In a super trippy video to celebrate the release of Bob Dylan's Complete Album Collection Vol. 1, flip through channels on a virtual TV to see everyone lip-sync the song "Like a Rolling Stone." This is one of those times when you hear something and think, "Yeah, but it probably doesn't work that well," and then you're incredibly wrong.

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  8. Entertainment

    The Raw Meat Puppet From the New They Might Be Giants Music Video can See Into My Soul [Video]

    It's no secret that we love They Might Be Giants and their flair for the unusual. Their latest music video for "You're On Fire" was just released today, though, and... wow. That sure is a puppet made of raw beef. With blank, unfeeling eye sockets. It's looking at me, you guys. I can't turn my gaze. Someone help.

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  9. Weird

    What Does the Fox Say? This Bizarre Music Video… Uhm… I Just… I Don’t Even Know

    I have a six-month-old daughter, so I'm deep in the trenches of "the [animal] says [noise]," so seeing this insane music video by Norwegian musicians Ylvis first thing this morning is pretty thoroughly messing with my head. I'm like 80% sure I'm dreaming right now. Take a look, then try to convince me this is real life in the comments section.

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  10. Entertainment

    Phoenix Filmed a Video for “Entertainment” with a Drone in Just One Take

    We don't pay attention to a lot of music videos on Geekosystem, but this one caught our eye because it's the band Phoenix performing their song "Entertainment" in one single take using a drone. Generally speaking? You film your music video with a drone and you have our attention. Doesn't hurt if you're Phoenix either, or if you shoot at Versailles.

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  11. Entertainment

    In Addition to Everything Else, Corey Feldman Is Replying To YouTube Comments Now

    Corey Feldman is going through some stuff right now, it would seem. There was the beautifully sarcastic VICE coverage of his ridiculous birthday that he himself approved and promptly got way too mad about. Then there's the music video he put out last month, which is only now getting traction online. I think you all just need to see it. Really.

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  12. Entertainment

    Librarians Recreate Beastie Boys “Sabotage,” Are Coolest Librarians Ever

    You might imagine librarians spend their spare time sitting by the fire rereading Shakespeare. While that may hold true for some, a few others would rather show the world just what happens if you aren't quiet in the library and made possibly the best music video ever: Beastie Boys "Sabotage" starring librarians.

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  13. Entertainment

    Light Light’s New Music Video Crowdsources Your Mouse Pointer, Rocks Pretty Hard

    Computer mice and their pointers may not be long for this world. As touchscreen devices become more prevalent, fewer and fewer people may find themselves pointing and clicking. The band Light Light wants to make sure the mouse and pointer at least get a proper send off, so they've made the video for their song "Kilo" interactive and crowdsourced. The song and the video are pretty catchy.

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  14. Weird

    This Slender Man Music Video’s Both Horrifying and Strangely Adorable

    Slender Man is one of those things that's crawled up from the underbelly of the Internet back in 2009 to make its mark on popular culture. When the games featuring the creepy creation began to crop up, it was only a matter of time before the mainstream took hold. There have been countless videos and stories shared about Slender Man, but this particular music video from the folks at Fox's Animation Domination HD takes the cake for being both soothing and terrifying.

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  15. Entertainment

    Truly, Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style is the Finest of All Possible “Gangnam Style” Videos

    If you were thinking of doing a Gangnam Style video -- and yes, it has crossed all of our minds, the tune and video is just that ingrained in our brain holes now -- you can maybe stop now? Nothing is going to outdo this take featuring Deadpool with a special guest appearance by Bane, so we can all just stop trying at let this trend serenely and officially jump the shark. Because this video is kind of the best?

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