1. Weird

    The Secret World of Punkin Chunkin, Science Channel’s Thanksgiving Special

    Science Channel is airing their annual Punkin Chunkin special Thanksgiving night at 8:00PM ET. If you're not familiar with it, it's a show about people who build machines that hurl pumpkins as far as possible -- some nearly a mile. It's a fun look at physics and engineering, but we went to event this year and found it was actually a whole lot more.

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  2. Science

    The Mythbusters Explain How Superman Shaves, Try to One-Up Bill Nye

    In 2003 my mother said, "There's this new show you'd probably like. It's got people doing science and explosions to test myths." She was of course talking about Mythbusters, and she was absolutely right about my liking it. I love it when people do science and explosions, and I'm pretty confident most folks that read Geekosystem do too. That's why I jumped at the chance to interview Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage for Gillette's How Does He Shave? campaign.

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  3. Entertainment

    Gillette Teams Up With Geek Celebs to Wonder About Superman’s Shaving Techniques [Video]

    It might not have occurred to you while watching the Man of Steel trailer that since Clark Kent is depicted as having a beard in one shot, at some point he had to learn how to shave -- which would probably be incredibly difficult considering the strength of his hair follicles. Razor company Gillette has definitely picked up on this, of course. They've launched a tie-in marketing campaign to postulate about how the Last Son of Krypton manages to look so clean-shaven all the time, and they've enlisted the help of Bill Nye, Mayim Bialik, Kevin Smith,and the Mythbusters to do it.

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  4. Space

    What Did the Mythbusters Invent for Chris Hadfield in Space?

    Remember that scene in Apollo 13 where the NASA engineers had to come up with a way for the astronauts to fit a square filter in a round hole using only things already on board the craft? The Mythbusters did that for Chris Hadfield when he was still on the International Space Station. They weren't fixing an air filter, but they took care of an important problem

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  5. Entertainment

    Room for One More? Mythbusters Prove Leonardo DiCaprio Could Fit On the Raft In Titanic

    The ending of the movie Titanic has been a cinematic bone of contention for the ages. Relationships have been shattered and children disowned as a result of the senseless bickering between the two camps --  folks who take Cameron at his word that the wardrobe door could not have preserved the lives of both star-crossed lovers, and other people (yours truly included) who have always believed that there was pretty clearly room for two people, and the whole ending was a piece of idiocy that ruined an otherwise excellent film. Thanks to the Mythbusters crew, we can now shorten the title of the second camp -- you can just refer to us as "the people who were right." Want proof that both Jack and Rose could have lived to see another day, bet married, and probably grow sick of one another in due time? Let's go to the tape.

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  6. Entertainment

    Mythbusters Pose With Freakishly Realistic Miniature Versions of Themselves

    Well, that's unsettling: The Internet has unearthed this photo of Mythbusters stars Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage posing with pint-sized simulacrums of themselves. A myth-busting experiment about cloning gone horribly wrong? A terrifying portent of things to come? Apparently not. Eagle-eyed Redditors point out that the lifelike masks were made for a segment on their show, and have been incorporated into the duo's live act where kids from the audience are disguised as the Mythbusters. While that's some good knowledge to have, it doesn't make this image any less unsettling.

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  7. Entertainment

    Mythbusters Experiment Goes Wrong, Cannonball Fires Through Two Houses, Lands in Minivan

    Fans of half-science, half-explosion show Mythbusters show must wonder if anything ever goes wrong behind the scenes. A couple of families in Dublin, California found out that yes, they sure do. Reportedly testing to see how fast a cannonball would travel, rather than hit the designated targets -- barrels of water, a cinder block wall, and then land in the side of a nearby hill -- the cannonball blasted through two family homes ended its accidental trip landing inside a minivan.

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  8. Entertainment

    Barack Obama Is Going to Be on MythBusters

    We all already knew that President Barack Obama was a bit of a geek, what with his buying Star Wars memorabilia in public, joking about dilithium crystals, and telling reporters that he was actually born on Krypton, sent by his father Jor-El to save Earth. (Maybe that's what all those birth certificate rumors are actually about?) Now, he's about to add another feather to his cap o' geekiness by appearing on the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. Obama will appear in an episode exploring the ancient Greek myth that scientist Archimedes was able to set invading Roman ships on fire using reflected, focused light.

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  9. Entertainment

    Craig Ferguson and his Robot Skeleton: United at Last

    On last night's Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson fans finally got the payoff they've long been waiting for in the form of Geoff Peterson, the robot sidekick that Mythbuster Grant Imahara agreed to build Ferguson if he could amass more than 100,000 Twitter followers. (It happened very, very quickly.)

    Geoff Peterson's robotic powers include laughing at any joke Ferguson tells at the push of a button, shooting off catchphrases, and, well, being a robot skeleton.

    As jocular a pursuit as robot skeleton-building might seem, Imahara took the challenge of building Geoff Peterson quite seriously:

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