1. Space

    This Video of a Russian Experiment Looks Like Real-Life Gravity

    In the wake of Gravity's Awards Season success, Sploid has this eerie video to remind us that Astronaut Ryan Stone's horrifying space odyssey essentially happened "for real" back in 2006. Yes, the Russian experiment was all in the name of education, but that doesn't make the footage any less bone-chilling.

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  2. Space

    Yesterday’s Asteroid Wasn’t Alone, Another One to Buzz Us Much Closer Today

    Yesterday, a 100 foot-wide asteroid flew by Earth slightly closer than the moon at 217,000 miles away. It turns out it wasn't alone, though, and an asteroid about the size of a bus will hurtle by today. It might be much smaller, but today's asteroid, 2014 EC, will be 1/6 of that distance at only 34,000 miles away. The universe's aim is improving.

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  3. Space

    NASA Finally Starting a Mission to Search Jupiter’s Moon Europa for Life

    Things are about to get a little bit more 2010: Odyssey Two at NASA as they're finally preparing to go searching Jupiter's moon, Europa, for life. It's still a few years off at this point, but a robotic mission to sample the waters of Europa may be the best chance we have to find life elsewhere in our solar system.

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  4. Space

    NASA Announced Asteroid Will Fly by Earth Closer Than the Moon Today [Live Stream Updated]

    While you were peacefully sleeping last night, NASA announced that they had detected a 100 foot-wide asteroid that will fly closer to Earth than the Moon today around 1 pm PST and 4 pm EST. NASA predicts that the asteroid will pass us without event, but just in case they're wrong, you might want to knock out that bucket list in the next 5 hours.

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  5. Space

    Turns out Luca Parmitano’s Spacesuit Leak Was Discovered a Week Before It Almost Drowned Him

    We were all pretty horrified to hear that Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano almost drowned in his space suit on a spacewalk outside the ISS in July, but details are just now emerging that the leak was discovered a week earlier. At the time, it appeared that the leak wasn't a threat, so they let him use the suit again, which didn't go so great.

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  6. Science

    What’s the Difference Between Nuclear Fusion and Fission? Let the Voice of GLaDOS Tell You [Video]

    You don't need to be a Portal fan to instantly recognize Ellen Maclain's voice -- she was also the AI in every jaeger from Pacific Rim. However, NASA Spitzer was certainly hoping to channel GLaDOS with this video, in which a "science-mad" computer teaches two technicians about fusion and fission.

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  7. Space

    This Afternoon NASA Announced the Existence of 715 New Exoplanets

    In what io9 is describing as the "single largest windfall of new confirmations at any one time," Kepler scientists announced at a teleconference today that they have confirmed the existence of a whopping 715 new exoplanets, but hey, no big deal. All in a day's work.

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  8. Space

    What Happens When You Break Your Leg During An EVA On Mars? [VIDEO]

    Imagine this: you're part of one of the first-ever manned missions to Mars, exploring Martian soil, when suddenly - you trip. Your leg is broken, and you can't make it back to base. What do you do? MarsCrew134 simulated this exact scenario here on Earth to work out the gritty details.

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  9. Space

    Guys, We Lost an Asteroid the Size of Three Football Fields. Feeling Super Secure Right Now

    Don't worry, you're not going to get hit by asteroid 2000 EM26. Still, it's a little unsettling that it was supposed to fly by last night, and no one has any idea where it is. The universe is a big place, and it's more likely to be found farther away from us than closer, but it's a little disconcerting that we were so wrong about its trajectory.

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  10. Space

    Even From Space, Today’s Snow Storm Looks Like an Impenetrable White Mass

    If you live in the northeast, you may have noticed that it's become Narnia outside, and there are no Pevensie kids around to save us from eternal winter—just a bunch of salt, and most of it is probably on the side of your car. For a little perspective, NASA tweeted what the storm looks like from space, which, as it turns out, is a giant white blob.

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  11. Space

    Laser CATS Going Into Space To Save Us From Volcanoes

    This Fall the first ever laser CATS will be launched into space. No, it's not a Saturday Night Live sketch--it's the Cloud Aerosol Transport System, a revolutionary new laser that will study the patterns of pollutants in Earth's atmosphere.

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  12. Tech

    Google Buying Historic NASA Properties, Including a Giant Blimp Hangar

    Google announced yesterday that as part of their plan for universal domination, Google will be taking over The Moffet Federal Airfield and Hangar One from NASA. Everyone prepare yourself accordingly for the coming totalitarian regime.

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  13. Space

    NASA Just Announced New Crew For ISS, But Where Are My Ladies At?

    In a press release today NASA announced the crews for Expedition 47 and 48 to the International Space Station, and sadly I didn't make the cut. (Like my letter from Hogwarts, it's probably still in the mail.) Unfortunately, not only am I not visiting the final frontier in 2016, it seems that neither are any other ladies. Spaceballs!

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  14. Space

    The Possible Water Flows on Mars Are Nothing New, Chill, Internet

    NASA's Mars orbiting spacecraft have sent some new information about the dark streaks, or recurring slope lineae (RSL), on the surface of Mars, and people have gotten a little excited, because water on Mars could mean life on Mars. If you got out your alien party hat, you're a bit late, because the RSL were first announced in 2011.

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  15. Space

    Astronauts Tell Olympians How To Do The Whole “Work Out” Thing

    Astronauts on the ISS recently had a NASA-sponsored Google Hangout with US Olympic athletes to remind the People of Earth that, sure, being a world-class athlete back on terra firma is fine, but have you tried working out in space?

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