1. Weird

    Because People Are Terrible, Here is a Nazi-Themed Cafe in Indonesia

    Because people will do anything for money, one Henry Mulyana has opened a Nazi-themed cafe in the Indonesian city of Bandung. An entire wall is decorated with swastikas and Hitler memorabilia, and the staff are asked to wear SS uniforms (Yep, those pictures at the top are the inspiration and the modern cafe, waitstaff out front in the latter). Which means someone thought it was a good idea to open this place, other people actually took jobs in which they dress like Nazis on a daily basis, and enough people frequent such an establishment as to keep it open for two years and counting. And here I was getting all optimistic and idealistic about the human race.

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  2. Space

    Buddhist Statue Retrieved by Nazis is Actually From Space, Says Scientists

    Prepare for the conspiracy theories, because here's today's most improbable story: Scientists have confirmed that a Buddhist statue, known as the "iron man," obtained by Nazis from Tibet is actually from space. Specifically, the thing was likely made from a massive chunk of the Chinga meteorite that deposited itself across the border of Russia and Mongolia somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago.

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  3. Entertainment

    New Trailer for Moon Nazi Movie Iron Sky, No U.S. Release Date

    It's a universal rule that Nazis are the best possible villains for movies. The film Iron Sky understands this all too well, as its plot hinges on the conceit that the Third Reich's space program was successful, allowing some evil doers to escape the Allies at the end of the Second World War and set up shop on the dark side of the moon. Now, there's an official U.S. trailer for the movie but, sadly, no release date. See the trailer, after the break.

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  4. Entertainment

    LEGO Captain America Fan Film Has a Lot of Nazi Evisceration [Video]

    And let's be honest: That makes it awesome. What's amazing to me is not only how many custom weapons are used, or how many custom minifigs are completely destroyed in showers of Play-Doh blood, but how fluidly the characters move. LEGO stop motion animation sure has come a long way.

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  5. Weird

    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nazi Insignia But Were Too Afraid to Ask

    If you've ever wondered what a member of the SS wore to the gym, or which sailor suit was appropriate for a Nazi rally than look no further than ORGANIZATIONSBUCH DER N.S.D.A.P., which is a long name for what is essentially the design manual of the Nazi party. This exceptionally rare book contains, in the bookseller's words:
    There are over 70 full-page, full-color plates (on heavy paper) that depict virtually every conceivable Nazi flag, uniform and insignia from the Führer Standard and Blood Order to the SS Honor Ring, and from the Hitler Youth leader's dagger and sailor suits to Reichsarbeitsdienst Gorgets. There is a picture of a Nazi nurse in uniform, an Honor Pistol (a Walther PPK) and its holster, musicians uniforms, etc. There are patterns for official Nazi Party office signs, special armbands for the Reichsparteitag (Reichs Party Day), the Honor Badges of various Gaue and early Reichs Party Days. It has been said that Germans in general have a tendency to “over-explain the obvious” and this book leaves no Nazi Party organization question unanswered. It perfectly fulfilled its sole purpose.
    Of course it's incredibly creepy. Even creepier is the forward by Adolf Hitler and an entire chapter (with illustrations!) on the dangers of race mixing. This may be at it's core a design manual, but make no mistake: it contains just as much of the disgusting worldview as Mein Kampf. This book, and the annual updates, contained the entire National Socialist Party -- it's bureaucracy and its iconography -- in a nutshell. After the surrender of Germany, Allied Forces destroyed the book in droves, perhaps as much out of spite as anything else. Or maybe they didn't want the imagery of the Nazis being used by other groups in a bid for power and legitimacy. This book is now, ironically enough, a collector's item, but also a window into a twisted worldview. (USM books via J-Walk Blog, image via Design Observer)

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  6. Entertainment

    Darth Vader Nazi Figurine, and Other Miniatures Mash-Ups

    Jonathan Kuriscak is not your average guy. Sure, plenty of people collect figurines and action figures, some for far longer than the 16 years Kuriscak's been at it. But while many people collect Star Wars figurines, significantly fewer custom-craft the miniatures into Nazi generals. In fact, it's probably just Kuriscak. The above figurine of Darth Vader showing off his Nazi armband and rapier (wit?) is just one of many World War II adaptations Kuriscak has crafted with figurines. You can see more on the website for Kuriscak's solo miniature modification organization, Pack Rat Studios. They're not all related to World War II or to Star Wars. But some are related to both:

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  7. Entertainment

    The Best Picture of Chewbacca Riding a Giant Squirrel and Fighting Nazis You’ll See Today

    DeviantARTist gamefan84, a.k.a. Tyler Edlin, has given us the painting of Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel and using a crossbow to fight gun-toting Nazis that we've yearned for before we even knew why. See also: Betty White wearing a metal bikini and riding a John Ritter Centaur while wielding a burning chainsaw. (Nazis not included.)

    If you, like DeviantARTist "pooface12345," wish to "hang this on the wall of [your] mahogany paneled study," you're in luck: small prints are available for $9.32, and large ones for $33.32.

    See the whole thing below, fully sized:

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