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    Heroes Reborn Is Already Getting a Prequel Because What Are You DOING, NBC?

    Nothing will ever disappoint a certain generation of TV-watching nerds (cough) quite as devastatingly as Heroes did when it first went downhill, so you can bet that we're all pretty twitchy when discussing the upcoming 13-episode miniseries, Heroes: Reborn. Well... you might want to be sitting down. You're about to get twitchier.

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    NBC Is Bringing Heroes Back To TV Despite No One Wanting That Ever

    Ah, 2006; that innocent time when Twitter was brand-new, Pluto was still a planet, and Heroes was the best show on TV. Little did we know that slowly, over the next few years, this wonderful superhero drama would become a sad version of the show we once loved. But don't worry, Heroes fans (?), because NBC is out of original ideas bringing it back.

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    Elaine Stritch Just Said the F Word on The Today Show Because She’s Our Heroine

    89-year-old actor Elaine Stritch is a national treasure who does not give a flying frak about the FCC. To prove it (not that she needed to), she went on The Today Show this morning to plug her upcoming documentary, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, and definitely incurred some kind of fine in the process.

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    Community Report Season 5 Episode 4 “Cooperative Polygraphy”

    Pierce's death was dealt with on Community last night in a bottle episode, because there's a whole lot of fun to be had in sticking the study group in a room together and watching them argue. Or because the show blew its whole budget hiring an expert on putting coins in people's butts for last week's episode. That's how TV works, right?

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    NBC Wants In On The Comic Book TV Show Game Too, Just Ordered Pilot For Constantine

    Everybody's jumping on comic book franchises these days for their latest network TV series. Not to be outdone by Fox's new Gotham pick-up, ABC'S S.H.I.E.L.D., and CW's... everything else, NBC is jumping into the game too. What are they bringing to the table? A show about John Constantine. Solid move, NBC. Solid move.

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    That’s It, Nostalgia’s Over: NBC and Lion Forge to Release Comics Based on ’80s and ’90s TV Shows

    A lot of popular television shows have been spun off into very popular comic book series. There's Buffy: Season 8, The Adventure Time and My Little Pony series, and who can forget the amazing Doctor Who/Star Trek Next Generation crossover which is an actual thing that exists outside my nerd fantasies? Sadly, that's probably why NBC -- which must stand for "Nominally Bad Choices" at this point -- gave the go-ahead for Lion Forge to make licensed digital comic books for long-gone TV franchises like Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewster. For real, guys? Must we parade our dead sitcoms around like so many sideways-ponytail-wearing puppets?

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    Be Still Our Hearts: Sony Supposedly Asked Dan Harmon to Return to Community

    Good news for people who thought last season of NBC's Community just didn't feel right -- apparently creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon let it slip in an recent episode of his podcast, Harmontown, that he's been asked to return to the program after being unceremoniously dumped by Sony at the end of Season 3. Cool! Cool cool cool.

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    Community is Officially Desperate, Wants You to Post GIFs for Puppet Episode

    NBC is reaching out to an ever-shrinking demographic, Community fans, and asking them to post their favorite puppet-related GIFS to Tumblr for tomorrow night's episode "Introduction to Felt Surrogacy" -- the show's much anticipated puppet episode. They'll even give you free things if you post the best GIF to their GIFathon! You guys like free things, right? The whole shebang even has a hashtag, #CommunityGIFathon, so you know it's thing on the Internet. It's an act that's as transparent as asking an ex out for coffee because you just want to catch up, and about as dignified, and I don't know what makes me sadder: What it says about the state of a show that was a favorite of mine until mere months ago, or the fact that I only barely care.

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  9. Entertainment

    Jimmy Fallon Officially Taking Over The Tonight Show If Jay Leno Ever Steps Down

    It's as official as it's going to get: Jay Leno is stepping down from The Tonight Show again and Jimmy Fallon will be replacing him, though we've all been here before. The switch is expected to happen during NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics next year, and will bring The Tonight Show back to New York City under Lorne Michaels as Executive Producer. Will it all go down smoothly, or are we in for another round of late night wars?

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    Community Puppet Episode Officially a Thing That’s Happening

    Yes. That is the cast of NBC's Community in puppet form, and that is wonderful. An episode airing in April will have the gang from Greendale working out some issues with each other through the use of puppets. While the news that any other show on television right now was doing a puppet episode would probably be an obvious nightmare, considering how much I love Community, I'm really pretty pumped about this.

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    Parks and Recreation Wedding Album’s the Best Use of Pinterest Yet

    We're not saying Pinterest is for the birds, but the social media platform definitely attracts a certain kind of material. If it's not cute pictures of animals, inventive uses for leftover cardboard boxes, or something to do with fashion, it probably doesn't belong on Pinterest. That said, someone over at NBC has totally figured out this social media thing. A recent Parks and Recreation episode saw Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope tie the knot in their own haphazard way, and NBC put up a faux wedding album for the characters on Pinterest.

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  12. Entertainment

    Dane Cook Show You Probably Didn’t Know Existed Now No Longer Exists

    Did you know that NBC had a sitcom called Next Caller and starring Dane Cook percolating away? No? Well, that's okay. After filming just four episodes, they've now pulled the plug on the entire thing due to displeasure with its "creative direction." This sounds like a surprisingly sane move on NBC's part considering they're the same company that keeps shuffling Community around.

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    Louie Shows Exactly How to Put a Show on Hiatus, NBC Could Take Lessons

    Louie and Community, in my opinion, are two of the best shows on TV right now. While wildly different, both are exceptionally smart, laugh-out-loud funny television programs that deserve all the critical acclaim they get. Both, as of today, are going on hiatus. Here's why it's good news for one show, which not only features but really captures the definitive stand-up comic of his generation, and bad news for the other, whose network increasingly looks to be run pretty much entirely by saboteurs dedicated to bringing the place down from the inside.

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  14. Entertainment

    NBC Does Something Right, Puts Entire Pilot for Revolution Online

    Every so often, television studios like to prove that they're not entirely without merit. That's not to say that they're quick to embrace change, but they can eventually come around. Kind of like how Neptune eventually goes around the Sun. NBC has proven this by hosting the entire pilot of J.J. Abrams' newest television series, Revolution, online for everyone to view. They've even enabled the ability to embed the video, as you can see above. Given that the series is about a world without power, it's somewhat amusing that they've gone ahead and provided it to the medium that absolutely relies on a functioning grid.

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  15. Tech

    Twitter Actually Told NBC About Banned Journalist’s Tweet [UPDATED]

    We reported yesterday that Guy Adams, the Los Angeles bureau chief for The Independent, had his Twitter account suspended after he directed those displeased with NBC's London 2012 Olympics coverage to a corporate email address for Gary Zenkel. Twitter responded to Adams' queries saying that he had violated their privacy policies and NBC had complained. NBC Sport's Vice President of Communications, Christopher McCloskey, has now told The Telegraph that NBC's social media department was actually alerted by Twitter.

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