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    Neil Gaiman Drops Some American Gods and Anansi Boys Adaptation News on His Blog, Also Reads Green Eggs and Ham

    Writer and all around interesting person Neil Gaiman's American Gods was optioned by HBO years ago for an adaptation, but Gaiman just dropped some updates about the show's prospects on his blog. He also read Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham because Neil Gaiman is a beautiful man.

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    Neverwhere Banned In A New Mexico High School Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

    Not even a month after Banned Books Week came and went, a school in New Mexico has decided to remove Neil Gaiman's classic fantasy novel Neverwhere from both their curriculum and their library after one parent complained of sexual innuendo. Wait, sexual innuendo? Really? Out of all the things you could have objected to in that book?

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    New Doctor Who! It’s an Eleven/River minisode! By Neil Gaiman! [VIDEO]

    Ever wonder what one of the Doctor's dates with River might have looked like? You know, when they left the parents behind for the night (sorry, Amy and Rory!) In this new minisode, penned by the one and only Neil Gaiman, we get to see Eleven and River's night out run slightly off-track (surprise!), thanks to the locals.

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    Exciting and Pretty Excerpt From Neil Gaiman’s Fortunately, the Milk

    Today in Neil Gaiman news: Harper Collins has revealed new pages of Fortunately, the Milk, Gaiman's silliest (and likely most child-friendly) book yet on digital publishing site issuu. And not just the text itself, but the cute margin drawings and Alfred Bester-esque typography. Guys, it's kind of awesome.

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    Doctor Who Offered a Black Actor the Role and He Turned Them Down, Says Neil Gaiman

    Neil Gaiman, acclaimed fantasy writer and love of my life, has had quite a bit to say about the new Doctor. If you've been under a rock for the past few days, spoiler alert: it's Peter Capaldi. And while Gaiman has only written two episodes of the show, he's got some pretty compelling insider knowledge that we've been missing out on.

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  6. Gaming

    Neil Gaiman Announces Wayward Manor Video Game Where You Play as a Ghost

    It should be no secret that I'm mildly obsessed-slash-in-love with Neil Gaiman. As should the rest of the world, because he's awesome, adorable, and British. Like 101 Dalmatians made into a person. And now he's becoming even more entrenched in our web of love with his first ever video game: Wayward Manor. In which the protagonist is (of course) dead.

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    Top Panels to Attend or Keep an Eye on at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

    After spending more time than is healthy perusing the entire schedule for San Diego Comic-Con, my initial response was to considering begging for a ticket to San Diego. I would tell you what I'd do for it, but putting that in writing might be illegal. Suffice it to say: The multitude of panels look so incredible, it is almost impossible to decide which you (assuming you are lucky enough to go!) ought to attend. Worry not, gentle reader: Below is the list of 50 events I would mainline caffeine, wear hideous athletic sneakers, and maybe work on that whole being-in-two-places-at-once-issue to attend, helpfully divided into categories of interest.

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    10 Books You Absolutely Must Read If You Like Neil Gaiman

    As anyone who pays attention to literary world news knows, Neil Gaiman's latest novel -- The Ocean at the End of the Lane -- was only just released. Obviously, this is super exciting news. But at 192 pages, how long is it really going to take to read? A couple of hours? Please. Any true junkie will soon be jonesing for more. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 books you should read if you're a Neil Gaiman fan.

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    PSA: Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane Drops Tomorrow

    Some super-exciting news crept up on us all: Neil Gaiman, adorably timid fantasy author, is releasing his latest novel on tomorrow, June 18th. The book, titled The Ocean at the End of the Lane, promises to be dark, suspenseful, and just a little bit heartbreaking.

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    Listen to the Radio Drama of Neverwhere While You Still Can

    We said it was coming, and now it's here. BBC 4 Radio has already aired their radio drama of Neil Gaiman's novel Neverwhere. Even better than that, you can listen to the whole thing for free. It's not going to be up forever, though, and I'm sure it'll be for purchase and download at some future date. But you can stream it right now!

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    Neil Gaiman Announces a New Book, Interstellar Dinosaurs Are Involved

    We've heard murmurs about Neil Gaiman's upcoming children's book for a while, but now the author himself is chatting it up. In what sounds as delightfully nonsensical as the ravings of Lewis Carroll but with 100% more dinosaurs, Gaiman has just officially announced an his next children's book, Fortunately, the Milk. By all means, check out the video of the always adorably awkward Gaiman describing the book below.

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    Air Date Announced for BBC Radio Drama of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

    Excellent news for fans of Neil Gaiman and/or sci-fi and/or radio dramas: It's been announced that the radio drama of Neil Gaiman's urban fantasy novel Neverwhere on BBC's Radio 4 will begin airing on March 16th. In case you missed it, Neverwhere the radio drama is voice-acted, among others, by Sherlock Holmes as Smaug the Dragon -- errr, Benedict Cumberbatch -- and some others you may know.

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    Digital Rights Management Robots Killed the Hugo Awards Stream

    Winning in one of the categories at the Hugo Awards is basically the science fiction equivalent of winning an Oscar. Yet, in a scenario that wouldn't have been out of place in one of the stories awarded, the Ustream broadcast from Worldcon this past Sunday, September 2nd, was cut off in the middle of Neil Gaiman's acceptance due to copyright infringement. The feed had been automatically dropped by digital rights management software and couldn't be brought back up.

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    Incredible Sandman Life Drawing Class/Burlesque Show

    We tend to pass on geeky burlesque here because we don't want to be the site that does a full post whenever a star of the Justice League Porn Parody sneezes. But Dr. Sketchy's recent tribute to Neil Gaiman's Sandman blew us away.  Dr. Sketchy's isn't exactly pure burlesque.  Referring to itself as an Anti-Art School, it's an international franchise that mixes burlesque with life-drawing.  From Wikipedia:
    A Dr. Sketchy's class may consist of a burlesque dancer (such as Veronica Varlow) or some type of performer (drag queens, trapeze artists, or roller derby girls) as the featured model, with drawing contests during breaks. Sketchers are known as "art monkeys", a term borrowed from the Madagascar Institute. Dr. Sketchy's features heavy drinking games, comedic skits and onstage go-go dancing.
    What makes the Sandman tribute so amazing is a combination of costuming, casting, and performer characterization.

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    Geekolinks: 2/12

    Zach Anner is back! (ZachAnner on YouTube) A Love Poem to Video Games (Kotaku) 93% of parents are around when video games are purchased. Hm. (Entertainment Software Association) LEGOs make even A Clockwork Orange adorable! (Surf With Berserk) Neil Gaiman on Internet piracy, selling more books (OpenRightsGroup on YouTube) How to introduce your kids to D&D (The Mule Abides) Anatomical sleeping bag. Thank you, Japan. (Weekly ASCII Store) (Top pic via Neatorama)

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