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  1. Weird

    Happy New Year 2011!

    Happy New Year 2011! We can't put it better than Neil Gaiman:

    May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.

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  2. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 12/30

    Hawkeye to Cameo in Thor (Bleeding Cool) Samuel L. Jackson Saying M*th*erf*ck*r (NSFW) (Abaurre3) 8 Hard Lessons 2010 Taught The Entertainment Industry (Wired) World's Smallest Periodic Table Etched on Hair of Worlds Adorablest British Scientist (Periodic Videos) Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Restage Labyrinth; Gaiman is Bowie (Amanda Palmer) Nintendo Warns Against 3DS Graphics for Young Kids (Ars Technica) Gallery of Original Background Art from Masters of the Universe (Robert Lamb) (Dougtrio pic via Reddit.)

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  3. Entertainment

    Neil Gaiman’s Nicholas Was… in Animated Form

    39 Degrees North: Christmas Card 2010 from 39 Degrees North on Vimeo. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the cheer associated with a particular holiday, of which you may or may not even be participating?  We invite you to have a chill up your spine, courtesy of 39 Degrees North's Christmas "card" offering, based on Neil Gaiman's own once surreal Christmas greeting.

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  4. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 11/7

    3DS American Release Date Was A Photoshop (Joystiq) Amazon is Putting in a Like Button (TechCrunch) How to Make a Papercraft Heather Mason from Silent Hill (Paperkraft) Star Trek Online Going Free to Play? (GameInformer) One More Reason Why Neil Gaiman is One of Our Favorite People (Matter Anti-Matter) Radioactive Rabbits, FYI (Koin Local 6) 10 Bizzare Weapons of the Allies in WWII (Listverse) (pic by Jude Buffum, more here.)

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  5. Entertainment

    Neil Gaiman’s The Price Might Become an Animated Short

    The Price is a wonderful ghost story of sorts from Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors collection, about a father who finds that the stray his family has adopted is protecting their home from something terrible and wild, and that somehow his family's happiness is directly dependent on the black cat's ability to defend them from it. Filmmaker Christopher Salmon read the story and was enough enamored by it to want to make an animated film of it. And fortunately for him, Mr. Gaiman was also enough enamored of his concept to give him permission. The project is currently seeking funds through Kickstarter, but you can watch a video spelling out the basic visual style of the eventual movie, featuring many shots from his animatic below.

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  6. Entertainment

    Neil Gaiman’s Gathering at the House on the Rock

    So Neil Gaiman wrote this book, American Gods, the premise of which is first (broadly) that gods and legends don't die, they are just forgotten, and then they walk among us as seeming humans. And second, that America is not a good land for gods. The book's plot meanders its way slowly through a landscape of characters (the identity of some of them can only be guessed at) and through all corners of the American landscape, including places of great power. Not the places you would expect. One of those places is The House on the Rock. This Halloween weekend, a long culminating project was brought to fruition: Fans of American Gods had a fabulous costume party at the House, with Neil Gaiman in attendance. The prizes in the costume contest? Rides on the infamous carousel, which featured as a prominent cross-reality vehicle in the book, and has never before been open to the public.

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  7. Tech

    Sony Discontinues Walkman

    Sony has announced that it is discontinuing the Walkman, the ubiquitous portable music player of yesteryear. The manufacturer acknowledged that it has sold 200,020,000 cassette players in 30 years, but that nevertheless, the last batch of Walkmans shipped in April and there will be no more. Well, looks like I've really got to look into getting my Neil Gaiman radio plays in a different format. And it's going to be increasingly difficult to explain parts of Home Alone 2 to kids.

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  8. Entertainment

    Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Could Become a TV Show

    First: Sit down. Next: According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision, Neil Gaiman's Sandman is once again being considered for television adaptation, this time by Warner Bros. TV. The show's development into a TV series is still in its "early stages"; the biggest impediment right now is that Warner is still "in the midst of acquiring television rights" for the show from DC Entertainment -- a process which may be made easier considering that DC Entertainment is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment -- and Warner is "in talks with several writer-producers about adapting the 1990s comic."

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  9. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 8/21

    D&D Themed Sports Team Shirts (Geeks are Sexy)

    Biggest Diablo News Ever At BlizzCon (That Videogame Blog)

    Soon Neptune Will Complete Its First Orbit Since Discovered (Discovery News)

    The ABCS of Lame Marvel Villains (Comics Alliance)

    A Deleted Scene From Neil Gaiman's Dr. Who Episode (Neil Gaiman)

    Korean StarCraft Addicts Treated With Drugs (Kotaku)

    Space Food Over the Years (BoingBoing)

    (picture via Game Informer: Portland Bike Lanes Power-Up With Mario Symbols.)

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  10. Entertainment

    Neil Gaiman Defeats Todd McFarlane in Legal Battle Over Spawn Characters

    It's not everyday you see the Associated Press link to Neil Gaiman's blog. So what's all the fuss about? Yesterday, a federal court judge ruled that Spawn creator Todd McFarlane owed royalties to the Sandman writer, over three derivative characters—Dark Ages Spawn and shapely warrior angels Domina and Tiffany—based on Gaiman's own "Medieval Spawn" characters, created when he guest wrote issue #9 in 1993. We recount the case's history, which stretches back over seven years, after the break.

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  11. Entertainment

    Peachy Keen! Death of the Endless to Appear in Action Comics #894

    I've never bought an issue of Action Comics before, but that's all set to change. October's issue is going to have a very special guest star: Death herself.  And yes, according to The Source, Neil Gaiman approves. Death is the second oldest of the Endless, and a major character in Neil Gaiman's Sandman, which, though neither Vertigo or DC mention it very often, is a part of the DC Universe.  Apparently, she has a date with Lex Luthor.

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  12. Entertainment

    5 Projects That Guillermo del Toro Should Do Now That He’s Not Doing The Hobbit

    At the beginning of this week we were saddened by the news that Guillermo del Toro will no longer be working on The Hobbit movie. Among other things, we were really looking forward to seeing his Mirkwood, and to watching Weta Workshop's triumphant return to Middle Earth. But we are comforting ourselves by imagining all the other projects he is now free to pursue. Below, we outline four of our Guillermo del Toro dream projects, and a few bonus projects that, you know, might actually happen.

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  13. Entertainment

    Neil Gaiman Joins the Fun in One Book, One Twitter

    How many of your everyday book clubs have the author just pop in to answer your questions? Aside from maybe those who follow Oprah, I'd wager not that many. Unless you're, at the moment, on Twitter. Reading American Gods. Like right now. What happened to my postliterate society?

    Neil Gaiman, as a part of the ongoing One Book One Twitter event, went down into the trenches for an hour Q&A session this morning with the masses reading and tweeting about his novel, answering questions about characters, his writing process, future plans, and whether or not he'd like to be deified.

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  14. Entertainment

    An Invitation: Go Forth and Geek up Time’s ‘Most Influential People of 2010′ Poll

    When someone puts a general poll on the internet, we get Lara Croft Way and Computer Engineer Barbie; in other words, wonderful things happen. In this spirit, we'd like to give you some links to the more than 2 dozen geeky and geek beloved people on this year's list of 200 vying for a spot in an issue of Time through open internet poll. If it's going to be mostly unscientific anyway, let's tilt it in our favor!

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  15. Entertainment

    Dear HBO: ‘Kick-Ass’ Director Matthew Vaughn Wants To Adapt Gaiman’s Sandman

    Leave it to MTV to forcibly reference Metallica's "Enter Sandman" while spreading juicy gossip about a potential adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Turns out Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn is very, very interested.

    During an interview back in January with Comic Book Resources, Vaughn, who previously adapted Gaiman's Stardust, announced that the world needs more Neil:

    I think Neil deserves to have more stuff made. I think it's weird that hardly any Neil Gaiman stuff has been made. The idea that no one has made "Sandman" yet is weird.

    It is weird, isn't it?

    But seriously, any director willing to take on the Herculean task of adapting The Sandman for film risks red-shirting their career:

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