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    Licensed NES Games From the ’90s That We’re Surprised Don’t Really Exist

    Back in the glory days of the NES and SNES, there were about a spillion officially licensed video games that did not need to exist. Seriously, does anyone remember the tie-in game for Home Improvement where you fought dinosaurs as Tim Allen? Thank god VGJunk put together some imagined title screens for franchises that would have made much better games.

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    Japan May Soon Get a Totally Sweet Neon Genesis Evangelion Android Phone

    Though the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion went off the air over 16 years ago, the controversial series keeps coming back -- most recently in a series of animated films called Rebuild of Evanglion. Now, in conjunction with Sharp, NTT, and DoCoMo comes a modified Android phone called the SH-06D NERV in conjunction with the upcoming Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. And surprisingly, it looks pretty awesome.

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    For A Little Kid Who’s Watched Way Too Much Adult Anime: Tiny Evangelion Toys

    Or, you know, for the kid you know who has been expected to save the world on a weekly basis by piloting a giant robot that may or may not be fueled by their dead mother's soul. Like you do.

    For those children, or children at heart, Namco Bandai has made this lovely collectible set of Polly Pocket/Mighty Max-esque replicas of NERV headquarters.

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    The 15 Best Exercises from Training Montages

    A remake of 1984's Karate Kid comes out this weekend, where the main character learns Kung Fu. We're just as confused as you are, but, we do fondly anticipate one thing: another entry into the long cinema tradition of training montages in action movies, full of kicks, punches, defeat, perhaps a loss of hope, and then comfortingly certain triumph. But the other thing that training montages have to be full of is things that would make even professional personal trainers raise an eyebrow. We've collected fifteen of our favorite training montage exercises, from the ones that made us go: "...what is that even supposed to do?" To the ones that made us go: "WTF THAT IS HARDCORE."

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    A Japanese Theme Park Made a Life Sized EVA Unit 01

    Sweet Jebus, that is something else. Japanese theme park Fuji-Q HighLand has announced that it will be adding a new section to its park, Evangelion: World - Life-Size EVA-01 Construction Project. In what will certainly become the centerpiece of the place, they are going to build a "life-size" replica of EVA Unit 01, the terrible mecha of Shinji Ikari, the series' main character, inhabited by the trapped soul of Shinji's dead mother. But only from the chest up. Look at the picture above, and tell me that that isn't enough for anyone.

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    CNN Report on Japanese Rape Video Games: Fearmongering, Late, and Fueling the Flames

    This afternoon, CNN broadcast a report on the Japanese rape video game scare, which it had previously covered on its website -- and which CNN, by virtue of its reach and influence, may have helped start.

    Their TV report not only played on misleading us-vs.-them stereotypes about gamers and about Japan, but it brought much more exposure to what CNN itself called a "disturbing" class of games than they would ever have gotten otherwise, focusing as it did on an out-of-print 2006 game called RapeLay, which was never released in the U.S. and which has been sanctioned by Japanese game makers and law enforcement:

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