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    You Can Play The Legend of Zelda From Link’s POV With The Oculus Rift

    The Oculus Rift can be used for all sorts of amazing things, like controlling space robots and diffusing bombs. But let's be honest with ourselves - what we really want out of virtual reality gaming is the ability to play The Legend of Zelda from a first-person perspective. That's right; you can be Link (just make sure you keep quiet).

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    Super Mario Bros. Is Surprisingly Hard to Beat With the Lowest Possible Score [Video]

    YouTuber NotEntirelySure has beaten Super Mario Bros. with the lowest possible score without any cheats for assistance. Now even if you usually fail admirably at old school games, you can't even feel good about that, because someone has turned it into an art and is better at it than you.

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  3. Entertainment

    Here’s a Bunch of New Art from the Little Nemo Comic Reboot

    Winsor McCay's 1905 comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland and its unprecedented vision left a huge impression and spawned an animated movie almost a century later in 1989 and a great NES game (Little Nemo: The Dream Master) in 1990. Now, it's coming back to comics, and artist Gabriel Rodriguez has tweeted a bunch of the artwork.

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  4. Gaming

    Watch Every Single NES Start Screen Back to Back [Video]

    For some perspective on your NES library, watch every NES start screen back to back and marvel at just how many of these games you never played, let alone even knew existed. Seriously, the NES had an incredible amount of games, and just their start screens alone will take up over three hours of your life with charming chiptunes and nostalgia.

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    The Entertainment Flask Looks Like Your Favorite NES Cartridges, This Is Your Adulthood

    Ink Whiskey LLC has passed its Kickstarter goal for the Entertainment Flask, so you'll soon be able to carry your liquor around in a flask that looks just like an original NES cartridge. Now you can hide your real collection of booze inside a fake collection of NES cartridges with humorous, alcohol themed labels that may homage to gaming classics.

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    Vsauce Is Here to Meet Your NES Trivia Needs with This NES Stop Motion [Video]

    What is the cumulative weight of all NES consoles ever sold? How much total RAM did they contain? What is their correlation to the speed of Domino's Pizza sales? Yup, that's something you'll know after watching this video. You're welcome. All of your burning questions are answered here by a stop motion NES console and Vsauce.

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    Every Original NES Game Makes up this Gorgeous Nebula

    You may have had a lot of games for the original NES, but you probably didn't have all of them. There were over 700 games made for the system, and they're all featured in this beautiful poster that spirals outward like a nebula -- a NESula if you will. No? Fair enough. Take a look and try to find your favorite.

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    Artist Makes Chandelier from NES Zappers, Wife Won’t Let Him Hang It in the Dining Room

    Artist and vintage gaming enthusiast J.J. Hendricks made this gorgeous NES Zapper chandelier, but his wife wouldn't let him hang it over their dining room table. What follows is a letter to Mrs. Hendricks by me on behalf of her husband asking her to reconsider.

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    Licensed NES Games From the ’90s That We’re Surprised Don’t Really Exist

    Back in the glory days of the NES and SNES, there were about a spillion officially licensed video games that did not need to exist. Seriously, does anyone remember the tie-in game for Home Improvement where you fought dinosaurs as Tim Allen? Thank god VGJunk put together some imagined title screens for franchises that would have made much better games.

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  10. Gaming

    Mike Tyson Finally Beats Glass Joe in Punch Out!!, Humanity Redeemed

    Anyone who's played the Nintendo classic Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! knows two things-- that your first opponent, Glass Joe, is a total pushover, and that the bout with Iron Mike himself is legendarily hard. That's why it's so surprising to us that it apparently took Tyson 26 years to sit down at a NES and give Joe the pummeling he so richly deserves.

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  11. Gaming

    Take A Look At the RetroN 5, The Retro Gaming Console We’re Drooling Over [Video]

    We got really excited when Hyperkin announced the RetroN 4 gaming console, which was supposed to be capable of playing NES, SNES, Genesis, and Game Boy games with one console. Hyperkin was supposed to debut the RetroN 4 at the Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend, but they didn't. Instead, they introduced the RetroN 5. So what was the fifth element in the new console?

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    Hot Four-Way Action! Stick Your NES, SNES, Genesis, and GBA Cartridges in the RetroN 4

    You kids can all get excited for the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, but I'm pumped for this thing. Hyperkin has announced their RetroN 4 console that plays NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, and Sega Genesis cartridges, though sadly not all at once. It's an upgrade from the RetroN 3, and besides adding Game Boy Advance games into the mix, Hyperkin has made a few additional improvements. It will be like a fifth grade sleepover every day of your life.

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    Beast of a Nintendo Emulator Looks Like an NES, Is Four Systems In One

    Emulation is a great way to get your jones when you're really fixin' for some old-timey goodness. But while it's incredibly easy to download an emulator on your computer, it's not quite the same; there's no console and no controller. Redditor woolydawg5's Ultimate Nintendo Gaming Machine solves those problems. Built into an original NES, woolydawg's device is actually a computer that can emulate the NES, SNES, Game Boy, and the N64. For extra fun, it also supports the original controllers, so you can get that authentic feel, even when it looks like you're playing Super Mario 64 on an NES.

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  14. Gaming

    A Cute, Evil Nintendo Entertainment System Monster Papercraft

    This adorably evil, blood-spattered anthropomorphic papercraft Nintendo Entertainment System was created by Alex Huret, adding to just how mind-bogglingly impressive papercraft can be. Also, adding to the collection of anthropomorphized children's toys reproduced in paper. Head on past the break to see more pictures of the cute little guy, and download this PDF if you'd like to try your hand at making your own.

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  15. Gaming

    The Nintendo Lunchbox Entertainment System

    We've already brought you the NES briefcase for the businessman on the go who needs to bring a little bit of the good old-fashioned 8-bit goodness around with him, but what if you're a little tyke and you want to be just like daddy? The NES Lunchbox has you covered. Complete with a sandwich slot and handy controller handle, the NES Lunchbox will handle all of your carrying needs until you grow up and sell your soul (just like daddy did) and have to trade your lunchbox full of GoGurt for a briefcase full of broken dreams and silent, midnight tears.

    The lunchbox is the brain child of redditor Masennus who embarked on the project once his NES had stopped working. Best possible use for a dead NES? I think so. More pictures after the jump.

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