1. Weird

    Teen Takes Netflix To Prom, We Have A Lot Of Questions

    In my day, taking Netflix to prom meant waiting by my mailbox for DVDs to arrive while practicing kissing on my own hands until I fell asleep. But apparently modern youth are better at asking out websites then I ever was: a teen asked Netflix to prom via twitter, Netflix agreed, and many bizarre mantlepiece pictures were taken (probably).

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  2. Entertainment

    Who Is Watching Netflix’s Original Series Rotisserie Chicken and Sizzling Bacon?

    If Netflix and Hulu are competing in the fake original content prank wars, than my vote goes to Netflix and their mouthwatering new programming: 73-minute Original Series Rotisserie Chicken and Memento-like action film Sizzling Bacon.

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  3. Entertainment

    Marvel To Film Netflix TV Shows in New York City, So Suck It, Los Angeles

    What, LA, you think you're better than us with your Mediterranean climate and your giant television studios? Well you can cool it over there, pal, because Marvel just announced that they'll be filming their Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Powers shows in New York, where we'll get to stalk them at our leisure.

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  4. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad’s Final Eight Episodes Just Hit Netflix!

    The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are now on Netflix! This is great news for anyone like me who's spent the last few months dodging both spoilers and having to pay for the episodes. It's also great news for anyone who wants to dive back into the series and binge watch it all, or just the last season. See you in a few hours, world.

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  5. Entertainment

    Take a Breath, Browncoats. You’re Not Getting a Firefly “Limited Series”

    Yes. Firefly writer and producer Tim Minear posited the idea of a Firefly "Limited Series" on Netflix in an interview. No. That does not mean it's happening.

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  6. Gaming

    House Of Cards Against Humanity Is Now A Real, Officially Licensed Thing

    Do you like playing Cards Against Humanity, but wish it came with more "power, politics, and passive-aggressive handjobs?" Have we got the expansion pack for you. Well, okay, we don't, but the people who made Cards Against Humanity do.

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  7. Entertainment

    Netflix Hypes Their Streaming Fireplace For Your Home With Trailer and Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Video

    Sadly, not everyone has a fireplace, but if you have Netflix you don't need one thanks to Fireplace For Your Home which is exactly what the title implies. It's a series of hour-long videos of wood burning in a fire place, and to get everyone pumped, they've released a trailer, and a great behind-the-scenes spoof. Grab some cocoa and enjoy!

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  8. Entertainment

    Late to the Party Recap: Firefly Episode 7, “Jaynestown”

    The episode starts with Kaylee and Simon chatting on the ship. For all the ways that Simon seems to have annoyed her in the last few episodes, Kaylee is finding it hard to believe that Simon swears "like anybody else." She tells Inara to "Have good sex!" as Inara leaves to go have sex. It clearly makes Simon uncomfortable.

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  9. Entertainment

    Disney and Netflix Will Launch Original, Live Action Marvel TV Shows in 2015

    Netflix and Disney have struck a deal to bring a few Marvel characters we haven't seen represented on film to TV in live action. We were already happy with Netflix's move towards providing more original scripted content, because they've proven several times that they're great at it, so this is good news for everyone involved.

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  10. Entertainment

    Netflix Continues Original Comedy Special Trend With Marc Maron’s Thinky Pain Out Today

    Netflix has been stepping up its original content efforts and recently announced it would focus on comedy specials. They kicked off with John Hodgman's wonderful Ragnarok, and today they're continuing it with Marc Maron's new special Thinky Pain. We like what you're doing here, Netflix.

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  11. Tech

    Behind on Breaking Bad? Netflix Wants To Filter Your Twitter Feed For Spoilers

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that social media -- especially Twitter -- is going to ruin the latest big television show episode or movie or sports score if you get on it without watching first. But what if you're a Breaking Bad fan who won't be able to watch next week's finale in real time? Then you're in luck; Netflix has your back.

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  12. Entertainment

    Tell Us: What’s So Great About Firefly?

    Remember when I put Firefly on a list of shows that Netflix should not try to revive, and Firefly fans went bonkers? I've been trying to watch the show as a sort of penance, but honestly, I keep falling asleep during the first episode. Please tell me what you love about Firefly so I can try to see it the same way you do.

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  13. Entertainment

    Kevin Spacey Really Wants TV Channels to Give Control To Their Audiences [Video]

    Everybody knows the American TV industry is in big trouble, but it's always odd to hear someone who actually works in the industry say that out loud. While speaking to a group at the Edinburgh Television Festival, House of Cards star Kevin Spacey promised that switching to a Netflix-style model of content creation and distribution will "take a bite out of privacy."

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  14. Tech

    Netflix Loses “Instant Queue” for “My List” Feature

    Currently there are 133 titles in my Netflix Instant Queue. They're all things I genuinely want to watch, but haven't gotten around to, because I basically just watch Cheers. To help folks like me, Netflix is changing the Instant Queue to "My List" and ranking it by what it thinks you want to watch most. Thanks, Netflix. You really get me.

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  15. Tech

    Netflix Finally Starts Rolling Out Individual Profiles

    No longer will Netflix freak out over the combination of one person's love for tearful documentaries, another's preference for old westerns, and a third's occasional indulgence of campy sci-fi, and assume the user wants a tearful space-based western from 1967: Each shared Netflix account can now have up to five individual user profiles for free.

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