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    My Hate Watch Begins: On Angel, Hate-Watching, and the Irresistible Lure of Terrible Television

    For the last two months, I've been kind of stuck in my house due to a stress fracture. While I'm nursing the broken foot that's kept me from doing a whole host of things I would rather be doing with my summer, I am playing Xbox and watching a lot of Netflix. This has brought me to a rare first in my long TV-watching career: I'm hate-watching my first show, and I kind of love it.

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    The UK Will Get New Breaking Bad Episodes on Netflix Immediately After They Air

    Netflix is great at catching up on old seasons of shows you may have missed, but it's lacking when it comes to getting new shows on quickly -- at least in the U.S. The U.K., however, is going to be getting the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix immediately after they air. That's even faster than I can get them on iTunes.

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    Netflix to Produce Original Documentaries and Comedy Specials

    Netflix is already one of the best outlets for watching documentaries and comedy specials, but in a letter to shareholders they announced that they'll begin producing them as well. The company has already shown they're capable of quality content, so it's nice to see they're branching out into new genres.

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    Netflix Gets 14 Emmy Nods for House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Hemlock Grove

    Those of you who are up early watching the Emmy nominations roll in this morning -- as well as, y'know, those of you who know where Twitter is -- have no doubt already heard, but it's worth mentioning that Kevin Spacey just landed a well-deserved Emmy nomination for Best Actor for his work in the Netflix original series House of Cards. That will come as no surprise to anyone who watched the excellent political thriller produced by Netflix this year, but considering it's the first Emmy nomination for a show that was never actually on TV, it's a noteworthy, if not entirely unexpected, achievement. That it's one of a dozen Emmy nominations for original content on the streaming service says a good deal more.

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  5. Tech

    Google Reportedly Wants to Start Streaming Traditional TV Programming

    Because Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu don't offer us enough ways to procrastinate, Google may soon join their ranks. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has begun approaching various media companies in an attempt to license their content to stream traditional television shows online.

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  6. Gaming

    ‘All You Can Arcade’ is Netflix for Cabinet Arcade Games

    It's been awhile since arcades have been the center of the video game world, but for those of us old enough to remember waiting impatiently with quarters in hand for our chance to get our butts kicked in Mortal Kombat it was a golden age. A company called All You Can Arcade wants to bring that back, or at least cash in on the nostalgia. They offer a Netflix-modeled service that lets you rent arcade cabinets for a monthly subscription.

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    George Michael Bluth’s Unfailing Internal Clock’s Surprisingly Unfailing [Video]

    The Arrested Development team is nothing if not fanatically attentive to even the smallest detail of their work. Case in point? YouTube user Steven Paananen decided to put George Michael's sense of timing to the test and... well, timed it. I can't even tell you what the result is because it feels blasphemous to speak it aloud -- you just have to watch the video. It's just too magical and amazing for mere words. Bless you, Arrested Development. Bless you.

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    From The Makers of You Don’t Know Jack, Here’s a New Way To Get Netflix Title Recommendations

    Jackbox Games has a decidedly well-earned reputation for creating content with a great sense of humor, which you're well aware of if you've ever played You Don't Know JackNow they've teamed up with Netflix to bring you Max, a program on the Playstation 3 that selects new titles for you to watch using a series of different games. Unfortunately, there's no Elephant, Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt or Dracula? feature, which is odd considering some of the categories Netflix already uses are similarly weird.

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  9. Entertainment

    Netflix, Arrested Development, and the Growing Prevalence of Binge-Watching

    The concept of watching a bunch of episodes of a TV show at once is either called 'binge-watching' or 'marathoning' the show. Those terms describe two ways of looking at something that's becoming increasingly common thanks to DVDs, DVRs, and online streaming. Is it a binge? An ugly, messy, yet addictive experience in consumption? Or is it a marathon? A long, arduous undertaking that you're proud of afterward? Netflix arguably shifted things further towards marathoning with the release of Arrested Development.

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  10. Tech

    Introducing NSA Flix, a New Streaming Service for Private Information [Video]

    After you've marathoned everything of note on Netflix, what left is there to mindlessly consume from the comfort of your couch? OfficialComedy thinks maybe the NSA should get into the streaming video market and fill that void for you -- after all, they've got an endless supply of unedited phone calls and emails at their disposal that would make for hours of voyeuristic entertainment! With categories like "Elderly People Using Skype" and "Puppy Store Security Footage," NSA Flix is sure to be a hit. At the very least, it would keep us all off the government's back once the media is tired of chasing the ghost of Edward Snowden around.

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    Excited to Binge Watch All of Amazon’s Original Shows? Too Bad!

    Amazon is diving into the original streaming content pool with its political comedy Alpha House sometime late 2013 or early 2014, but when it does come out it's not going to be coming out all at once, according to executive producer Jonathan Alter. There go your plans for a 10-episode John Goodman marathon. So what is their plan exactly?

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    DreamWorks Partners With Netflix to Deliver Original Content

    DreamWorks has made a deal with Netflix to provide the streaming service with 300 hours of original TV series. A spin-off series to the upcoming animated movie Turbo has been confirmed, and other Netflix-original shows based on DreamWorks characters are to follow. Yeah, this is real life.

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  13. Entertainment

    Arrested Development May Be Back From the Dead, But These 13 Shows Should Just Stay Down

    Since Arrested Development came back this weekend, a lot of people have been talking about other shows that Netflix should revive. There was even the #ShowsThatNeedToComeBack hashtag on Twitter. The only show that should be revived is The Cosby Show, so let's end this pointless debate and instead let's focus on shows that need to stay good and dead.

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    Everyone Calm Down There Are New Arrested Development Clips

    It's almost time. We've all been clamoring for more Arrested Development since its untimely demise in 2006, and after seven years it's finally happening and we are freaking out. Now Netflix has released four tantalizingly short clips of what's to come, and we're just going to have to watch them in a nonstop loop until the episodes drop on Sunday. That's assuming we make it until then. Breathe, everyone. We can do this.

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    Put Tobias Funke in the Movies With InsertMeAnywhere

    So, remember when we told you yesterday that a) there was going to be a good deal of Arrested Development promotional material arriving in the coming weeks and b) you were going to see a lot of it here, because we're pretty damn excited for the show's return? Yeah, we totally meant that. The latest piece of promotional brilliance is With InsertMeAnywhere, which you can use to cram up to 100% more Tobias Funke into any existing video, from cinematic classics to home movies.

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