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    Facebook Makes Telling Everyone You’re Drinking Orange Juice a Little Easier

    Get ready to hear everyone complain. Facebook appears to be slowly rolling out a new feature that lets you attach specific actions to your status updates. The feature lets you select from a very limited list of things to include in your update. I saw the above notice yesterday afternoon, and posted a screenshot to the Geekosystem Facebook page. Some readers have reported seeing the new feature as early as last week, and other are reporting that this new feature is "stupid".

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    Twitter Introduces New Feature to Download All Your Tweets

    Twitter is great way to communicate, follow trends, and stalk celebrities, but the fleeting nature of a tweet makes the whole thing pretty ephemeral. Thankfully, users who want something a bit more permanent will have that option soon. A new feature is coming to Twitter that will allow users to download all their tweets into a searchable archive, and for some, that feature is already here. Get ready to go back and find what kind of dumb stuff you did on Twitter.

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