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    Teddy Bear Meme Artist Didn’t Put Much Thought Into Drawing, Actually Quite Amazed People Are So Into It

    Earlier this week we reported that the above illustration entitled Sweet Halloween Dreams -- created by Greek software engineer and artist Alex Panagopoulos -- would be turned into a movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Beau Flynn, and Hiram Garcia attached to the project as producers. While Panagopoulos has already sold the drawing's film rights to New Line Cinema, there was no word on the artist's own reaction to the life-changing news -- until today. No doubt surprised by the overnight surge in popularity of his artwork, Panagopoulos still can't believe that it was enough to merit this level of attention from the film industry.

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  2. Entertainment

    Teddy Bear Internet Meme Set to Become Movie, Will Be Produced by The Rock

    Obviously a sign of the internet zeitgeist, only in this generation can a lowly internet meme have the potential to be turned into a million-dollar box office blockbuster. The above image -- illustrated by Greek software engineer and fantasy artist Alex Panagopoulos -- depicting a teddy bear standing up to nightmares incarnate will reportedly be given the Hollywood treatment, with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Beau Flynn of FlynnPicturesCo set to produce the film tentatively titled Teddy Bear. Wait a minute, aren't Johnson and Flynn attached to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island? And on that note, doesn't Johnson have a penchant for starring in family-friendly fare like Tooth Fairy? If that's the case, then that teddy bear's going to need a much bigger sword and shield.

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  3. Entertainment

    Y: The Last Man Movie May Finally Get Made

    The film adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn's Y: The Last Man has been kicked around Hollywood for a long, long time. It seems like every couple years, something seeps out that indicates the film is still alive and at some point will be made. The latest supposed news out of New Line Cinema indicates that a recent draft has passed muster, and the studio is now looking at potential directors for the continuously stalled project.

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  4. Gaming

    New Line Cinema is Making a Rampage Movie for Some Reason

    One of the best games of the young console video game industry, city destruction simulator Rampage, is currently under development by New Line Cinema to hit the silver screen. The game, which has been remade a few times since its initial arcade release in 1986, featured a small cast of the usual suspects of big monsters from movies that destroy cities -- a big gorilla, and a big lizard -- and also a giant wolfman because why not. The goal of the game is to destroy buildings by punching them and eat people, and when one city is sufficiently destroyed, the troupe of monsters would move to the next. This is now being developed as a movie.

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  5. Entertainment

    The Hobbit Has Finally Been Greenlit

    It's for real now, no backsies: MGM has finally given the goahead on The Hobbit, a movie plagued by years of pre-production anguish, involving studio bankruptcy, labor disputes, a director search, and even fire. Well, the film is being given a budget of $500 million, Peter Jackson is directing, and according to The Coventry Telegraph, even MGM's financial problems can no longer get in the way:
    MGM is finding its share of the project's funding from external sources and, if that fails, Warner Bros has pledged to step in and lend the money to MGM.
    So the only thing left unmentioned by New Line Cinema's press release is whether the film will continue to be shot in New Zealand, where localized pre-production work (like the rebuilding of Hobbiton) has already begun; or if actors labor disputes will cause the production to move to Europe.

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