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    Dustin Nguyen Talks Li’l Gotham, All-Ages Comics, and Hints Possible Smallerville Title

    There aren't many comic book titles currently on the shelves that a reader of any age could pick up and enjoy, but DC's Li'l Gotham is exactly that -- a truly all ages comic, and it's great. We spoke to half of the book's creative team, Dustin Nguyen, about comics for kids, making Batman adorable, and the future of the Li'l DC Universe.

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    The Best Cosplay We Saw at New York Comic Con 2013

    Cosplayers were out in full force at New York Comic Con this year, and if you follow us on Instagram you may have already seen some of the great pics we've shared from the floor. Here's a quick roundup of some of our absolute favorite costumes from the con. Ready? GET OVER HERE!

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    The 10 Most Awesome People We’ve Seen So Far At NYCC

    New York Comic Con is in full swing, and the Geekosystem team has been there checking it all out! It was hard to narrow it down to our very favorite things from the Thursday and Friday of NYCC, so we thought we'd just show you the awesomest people we've found on the show floor so far.

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    While You’re At NYCC, Go See The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead Exhibit

    If you're at New York Comic Con and you need a break from all the mindless hordes of people, then why not check out art gallery full of... well, mindless hordes? That's right, there's a Walking Dead exhibit just down the street from the Javits Center, and we went to go check it out.

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    New York Comic Con Swag Roundup, Day 1

    Comic Con is a great chance for geeks to meet the creators of the things they love, pick up hard-to-find comics, exclusive toys, and generally just be around like-minded people for a weekend. It's also a great chance to score some free swag. Here's the best stuff we found for free at the first day of the convention.

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    Can’t Make It To NYCC? You Can Watch The LiveStream Right Here

    New York Comic Con is basically minutes away from starting, and while some of us are still stuck at our desks right now while our senior editor gets to have all the fun (COUGH), we can all enjoy some of the weekend's festivities without the long trek to the Javits Center by checking out his awesome livestream.

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    Random Encounter NYCC: Luke Crane, Inventor of the Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard RPGs

    Though New York Comic Con has come and gone, we here at Geekosystem were lucky enough to meet up with some amazing people at the massive celebration of all things geeky. Here's an account of some of the mysterious creatures that leapt out and attacked us along our epic quest. The only thing between Luke Crane and myself is a box set of his latest roleplaying game creation. He didn't know I was coming, and I didn't know I was going to see him, but it quickly becomes obvious that it didn't matter all that much to him. Crane, who is the creator of the Burning Wheel roleplaying system, is a fast thinker and a fast talker. There's nothing wasted about this man -- he's slim, with close cropped hair and a sharp mind. Which only makes sense, since Crane has spawned games that have cut to the very heart of roleplaying, and reworked it from the inside out in his games. For the uninitiated, Burning Wheel is a pencil and paper role playing game in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons. There are dice, there are sheets of paper, and the players say their intentions instead of moving pieces around a board. But Burning Wheel, while drawing from the traditions established by D&D, is very much its own game. To take a superficial difference, the iconic 20-sided dice of D&D will find no home on a Burning Wheel table. The game shirks such exotic things, and uses simple, ubiquitous six-sided dice instead. But as a game, there are deeper, subtler differences.

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    Preview for Young Justice, DC’s New Sidekick Series, Is Very Male

    No one was really allowed to film in the preview rooms of New York Comic Con, but we know that doesn't actually stop people. And for hand-cam footage, this actually ain't that bad. Although I could nitpick about some of the dialogue and Batman appearing in broad daylight, overall, the show looks worth checking out. The animation is slick, and, as a Bruce Timm/Paul Dini-verse fan, not a style that I'm used to seeing my heroes in. But seriously where are the girls. Not even one? No Wonder Girl? No Supergirl? Hell, I'd even take Mary Marvel. It's not just the male superheroes in the Justice League who think it's a good idea to train preteens to beat up criminals. You are letting down the trope. (via Bleeding Cool.)

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  9. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 10/10

    X-Men Arcade Game Coming to XBLA and PSN (GameInformer) Streaming 3D Movies on the 3DS? (GameRant) NYCC Cosplay Day 2 (Kotaku) Now is the Time To Buy Comics On (Bleeding Cool) A Pessimist's Guide to the Future (The Globe and Mail) Largest Lego Mosaic Ever? (GeekDad) A Cuddlesome Cowlike Cthulu Milked by A Brave Milkmaid (Joystiq) (pic via WoW Insider.)

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    Geekolinks: 10/9

    MySpace's New Logo ಠ_ಠ (TechCrunch) Steam Will Be Down on Monday: DON'T PANIC (Kotaku) New Trailer/Poster for Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Coventry Telegraph) You Can Play Zork On A Bunch of Ereaders (Joystiq) Who Else Is in the Deadpool Movie (Bleeding Cool) Automatic Spirograph Cake Decorator (Gizmodo) NYCC Cosplay Day 1 (Kotaku)

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