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  1. Tech

    Baking News: NYC Has Its First 24-Hour Cupcake ATM

    What? A mother-lovin' 24-hour Automatic Teller Machine for cupcakes. Where? 780 Lexington Avenue. Why? Because obviously one of the inalienable rights of being an American is the opportunity to stand in line on a freezing street corner and wait for a robot to hand you miniature cakes.

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  2. Entertainment

    Marvel To Film Netflix TV Shows in New York City, So Suck It, Los Angeles

    What, LA, you think you're better than us with your Mediterranean climate and your giant television studios? Well you can cool it over there, pal, because Marvel just announced that they'll be filming their Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Powers shows in New York, where we'll get to stalk them at our leisure.

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  3. Entertainment

    Tina Fey Wants To Be In Charge of Issuing Twitter Licenses.

    With one exception (the Batmobile) I don't like cars, so I never considered watching Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee before. But Tina Fey was on this week, and after watching her and Jerry go get coffee and something called a cereal smoothie, I think I'm hooked.

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  4. Weird

    New York’s Rat Portal Map Reminds You Everything Is Disgusting

    If you live in New York City or another large metropolis, you probably spend a fair amount of time avoiding, trying to kill, or freaking out over rats. Now New York's Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene has developed an interactive map to confirm our suspicions that New York is just a big rat city some humans occasionally live in.

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  5. Weird

    Banksy Cancels Art Because The Police Don’t Get It

    Banksy's scheduled art piece for today has been "cancelled due to police activity," according to the street artist's website.

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  6. Weird

    Okay, We’ll Admit it: Banksy’s Two Latest New York Artworks Are Pretty Great

    Last time we saw one of the pieces Banksy uploaded to his website we were kind of... well, bored, to be honest. These latest two are decidedly awesome and thought provoking, though, even if you're not sure you like street art.

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  7. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad: The Opera Currently In Production Because Of Course It Is

    We sure did miss watching a new episode Breaking Bad last week. Luckily the show will continue to live on in our hearts -- and on the stage, if the One World Symphony House in New York has its way. They've just announced plans to produce a Breaking Bad opera. No, really.

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  8. Entertainment

    Why Do People Keep Defacing Banksy’s Work in New York ?

    This morning, Banksy posted three new images to his Instagram and website as part of his month-long romp around New York City. They haven't even been up that long, and apparently one of them has already been whitewashed. What gives?

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  9. Tech

    We Went To World Maker Faire 2013 and We Have The Awesome Pics To Prove It

    MAKE magazine hosted World Maker Faire 2013 at The New York Hall of Science this past weekend, and it certainly did not disappoint. We happened to make it out to Queens for a couple of hours to catch all the fun, so if you couldn't get there yourself, here's what you might have missed.

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  10. Weird

    This Video of a New York City Window Cleaner Is Equal Parts Stressful and Fascinating [Video]

    Window cleaners (they don’t like the term “window washer”) aren’t just the random guys who get saved in the first act of every superhero movie. Some of them do their jobs because they love it — like Brent Weingard, who’s been in the business for 35 years and who was interviewed by The New York [...]

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  11. Weird

    Ed Koch’s Tombstone Totally Botched His Date of Birth

    Storied New York mayor Ed Koch had his funeral planned down to the last detail when he passed away this February at the age of 88, even going so far as to visit his own grave site and pen his own epitaph. Unfortunately, it seems he didn't leave anyone in charge of proofreading the final inscription on his tombstone. NBC New York reports that the tombstone marking the three-term mayor's plot in Manhattan's Trinity cemetery contains one minor error -- it lists Koch's date of birth as December 12, 1942, when Koch was actually born on December 12, 1924. So close...

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  12. Weird

    New York City Puts Morgue Refrigerator Up For Sale On eBay

    Looking for a way to keep things nice and frosty this summer? Whether it's beer or bodies you're trying to keep cool, the city of New York may be able to help you out. Just visit eBay to place your bid on a morgue refrigerator put up for sale by the city's Office of General Services. According to the listing, this steel refrigerator, hailing from the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, is used, but in good condition (which we assume means no longer full of dead bodies) and has space to hold up to four cadavers or an as yet determined quantity of cold cuts and six packs.

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  13. Entertainment

    Envy is Coming: NYC Tavern Hosts Game of Thrones-Style Banquet

    Many Game of Thrones fans are incredibly creative. Some are also business owners. Larry Watson, owner of Percy's Tavern in New York, just so happens to be both, much to the delight of all of those who went to his bar last night -- including myself. Along with Claudia Smith, pastry chef and owner of the Westeros themed bakery Enchanted Edibles, he put on a Feast of Ice and Fire complete with dead boars, goblets full of booze, and women dressed like medieval prostitutes. And you missed it! You poor, sad sack, you. (To TV-only fans: Beyond here there be minor spoilers for the next episode. Nothing too explicit unless you're really good at deciphering context clues, but you've been warned nonetheless.)

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  14. Space

    Tonight is Manhattanhenge! Non-New Yorkers Should Probably Follow Some New Yorkers on Instagram

    Tonight, as the Sun sets over New York City, it will actually be setting in perfect alignment with the streets in what Neil deGrasse Tyson calls Manhattanhenge. Throughout the year the Sun moves along the horizon, heading North until the first day of Summer, and then heading South until the Winter. It only happens twice a year, and tonight is your last change before July 12th. Here's where to look.

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  15. Weird

    Vicious Ice Cream Truck Turf War Breaks Out in Upstate New York

    Don't let the children's songs and sweet treats fool you -- it turns out that ice cream truck drivers can be just as cutthroat as the rest of us. Police in Gloversville, New York, have filed charges against two ice cream truck drivers there for harassing and stalking a third ice cream man working for a competitor.

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