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  1. Weird

    Prime Minister of New Zealand Publicly Denies Being a Lizard Person Because Just… We Don’t Even Know… Reasons?

    You know how some people are crazy and think shapeshifting lizard people are secretly in places of power and controlling the world? Well one of them asked New Zealand Prime Minister John Key if he was a space lizard, and because of New Zealand's Official Information Act (OIA), Key actually answered.

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  2. Weird

    Badass Doctor Stabs Shark, Stitches Up Legs, Drinks A Beer

    A New Zealand man was attacked by a shark while spearfishing off the coast of New Zealand last Saturday, but he didn't let a lacerated leg get in the way of a good time. It may sound like the start of a Dos Equis commercial, but that's just how Dr. James Grant rolls!

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  3. Weird

    In the Future We’ll All Travel in Tubes, But Until Then, at Least Our Burgers Will

    C One Espresso in New Zealand is removing the awful delivered-by-a-real-human aspect of your burger eating experience. They've set up a system of pneumatic tubes that deliver burgers directly to your table without any pesky waiter getting in the way. Wait, are these the same as the tubes the Internet is made of? Can we download burgers?

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  4. Weird

    One of the Guys Who Plumbed His Friend’s House with Beer Explains How It Worked

    Yesterday we saw the video of a group of guys in New Zealand who plumbed their friend's house with beer because they are the greatest friends in the history of friends. One of the pranksters, Sean Brown, spoke with Right This Minute about how the prank was achieved, and they were kind enough to share the video with us.

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  5. Weird

    Man’s Friends Plumbed His Entire House to Pour Beer From Every Faucet

    Have you ever wished for every faucet in your home to pour cold beer at all times? Then you're probably going to want to buddy up with these guys from New Zealand. While their friend Russ was out they reworked the plumbing in his house and hooked it all up to kegs of beer. We're calling it. Best. Friends. Ever.

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  6. Weird

    New Zealand Repeals Laws Against Fortune Telling After Just Three Centuries

    Scrying the future just got a lot safer for New Zealand-based practitioners of the occult. The island nation has announced plans to repeal laws against fortune telling and "witchcraft" in general which have been on the books since 1735 and could send modern day sorcerers to jail for up to a year -- with some of that time spent in the stockades.

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  7. Tech

    Jetpacks Becoming a Thing, Just Need Several Hundred Thousand Dollars

    Whenever people talk about how we're living in a science fiction future, full of smartphones and 3D-printed organs and the people planning the colonization of Mars, they always seem to end on the same disappointed note: But where's my jetpack? Guys, it's in New Zealand.

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  8. Science

    Your Genes May Determine What You Can And Can’t Smell

    Whether you can smell a scent -- and what characteristics it has to you -- may be highly dependent on your own genetic makeup, say two new studies published in the journal Current Biology that look to explain how two people can smell one scent -- the powerful stink of blue cheese, for example -- and have different reactions to it.

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  9. Tech

    Man Building Aston Martin via 3D Printer, Rest of Us Feeling Inadequate

    There are more or less two kinds of people in the world: People whose first impulse upon buying a 3D printer is to build James Bond's car, and everyone else. New Zealand resident and programmer Ivan Sentch? Yeah, he's the first kind.

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  10. Weird

    Swordfish Caught By Fishermen, Attacked By Shark Is Having Just The Worst Day [Video]

    The weekend is just around the corner, and to make matters better, you are not this swordfish, which is having pretty much the worst day ever, caught between a rock and a hard place. Or the fish equivalent of that, anyway, which I guess is "a fishing boat and a sharky place."

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  11. Science

    World’s Rarest Whale Seen for First Time When Mother and Calf Wash Ashore And Die

    The spade-toothed beaked whale is one of the ocean's most mysterious creatures. Known to science only because of a few skulls that have washed up on beaches in Chile and New Zealand, the creature is largely a mystery. Thanks to DNA testing, though, researchers know one more thing about the whales today: there are two fewer than there used to be after a mother and her calf washed ashore dead in New Zealand in 2010, marking the first time anyone had actually seen an intact specimen of the rare species.

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  12. Tech

    Dotcom Proposes Funding Fiber Cable From U.S. to New Zealand, Probably Just Legal Posturing

    Here's a question: How do you avoid being extradited to the United States by another government? There's no surefire method of avoiding extradition, but Kim Dotcom might have just scored some brownie points with the New Zealand government. That's assuming they believe his claims, of course. The MegaUpload founder's now proposed reviving the previously shuttered Pacific Fibre cable to connect New Zealand to the United States. You know, if he's not in jail.

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  13. Gaming

    Dotcom Blames Lag on Spying Earlier Than Admitted, Has Best Excuse Ever for Sucking at Multiplayer

    The MegaUpload case continues to seem more like a farce the longer it goes on. Kim Dotcom is now claiming that the New Zealand government was spying on him earlier than they've previously admitted. His evidence? There was a suspicious spike in lag in October -- two months before the Government Communications Security Bureau claims they started spying on him. He's come to the conclusion that this increase was due to the fact that his connection was being rerouted by the government.

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  14. Entertainment

    Flight of the Conchords Have a New Song About Helping Kids

    Red Nose Day: Comedy for Cure Kids, held just this past Friday, August 24th, was meant to be all about raising money for research into battling life-threatening illnesses in kids in New Zealand. The whole goal of Cure Kids, in fact, is exceptionally worthwhile. Who could turn down helping out kids like this, when asked? It should come as no surprise then that Flight of the Conchords, New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based folk-parody duo, was involved. They even wrote a new song, with some help, and it's exactly what you'd expect.

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  15. Tech

    Court Rules Kim Dotcom Must be Allowed Access to Evidence Against Him

    In what is increasingly becoming a farce, a New Zealand judge has upheld a ruling that Kim Dotcom, Bram van der Kolk, Mathias Ortmann, and Finn Batato, must be allowed to see the evidence compiled against them in order to properly defend themselves. Essentially, the United States was arguing against letting Dotcom build a compelling defense. Without access to that information, it's hard to say exactly how the extradition hearing would go down. Not well for Dotcom, most likely.

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