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    Google’s Packed a Lot Into New Nexus 7 For Just $230 [Update]

    Google took the wraps off it's updated Nexus 7 Android tablet today. According to the pre-order page on Best Buy's site, the specs are pretty impressive considering the $230 price tag. The screen, processor, and operating system all saw a slight bump which makes the affordable tablet all the more tempting.

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    First Nexus 7 Ad is Extremely Cute, Will Probably Sell Some Tablets

    It's that great American story: A man, his son, and their Nexus 7 tablet alone against the elements. In this, the first advertisement for the highly anticipated Google Android tablet, we see the device in its natural habitat. See the surprisingly charming video below.

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    Google’s Nexus 7 Might Finally Kill Unboxing Videos [Video]

    Unboxing videos need to die. Thankfully, the Google's Nexus 7 tablet might just be the thing to push this boring genre over the edge. Turns out the dang thing is really, embarrassingly, hard to get out of its cocoon of packaging. YouTube user Jean-Louis Nguyen demonstrates just how difficult by creating this wonderful montage of 15 troublesome unboxing videos.

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    Google I/O Keynote Breakdown: Nexus Q, Nexus 7 Tablet, Android Jellybean

    The bulk of the opening keynote of Google's I/O conference is now over, and they've left us quite a bit to talk about. The search engine giant has announced several bids to increase their already impressive reach with the new Nexus Q streaming media device, as well as the Nexus 7 tablet, and all on top of a swanky new version of Android. It's a good day to be a droid.

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