1. Entertainment

    Super Mario Bros. Theme Song Played on Wine Glasses and a Frying Pan Will Make You Feel Like You’re on a Cruise Ship

    Whatever it is you're doing, just stop for a few minutes and check out Dan Newbie playing the Super Mario Bros. theme song with a couple of pencils on 48 wine glasses filled with tap water. The frying pan percussion is also an especially nice touch.

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  2. Gaming

    The Saga Is Complete With Super Smash Wars: Return of the Hero Part 2

    We can't get enough of Super Smash Wars, but this is going to have to do, because its reference-fueled brilliance has finally reached the end of the original Star Wars trilogy. Of course, it could go on and do the prequel movies, but who wants that? Actually, I do. It would be better than the real prequel movies.

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  3. Gaming

    Metroid and Other Nintendo LEGO CUUSOO Sets Make Us Wish for an Official Partnership

    LEGO CUUSOO sets can be pretty well done, but there isn't one that is perhaps as big of a no-brainer for "this should just be something LEGO already makes" as Nintendo-themed LEGO sets. Nintendo and LEGO are giants in their markets, and those markets overlap in a big way. Why am I not playing with LEGO Samus right now?

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  4. Entertainment

    Super Smash Wars 3: Return of the Hero Part One Is the Best of Two Worlds

    We've written about a few of James Farr's brilliant mashup cartoons in the past, and I think every time we say that the one we're writing about is our new favorite one, but this is our new favorite one. Farr's back with another installment of his Super Smash Wars series combining Nintendo and Star Wars. A+, Mr. Farr.

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  5. Gaming

    Here’s What We Learned From the Huge Smash Bros. Info Dump

    A bunch of new characters! New modes and online play detailed! Release windows for 3DS and Wii U versions! Last night's 40-minute Smash Bros. info dump was a lot to take in, so I've gathered the main points together for you in condensed form.

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  6. Gaming

    Watch Nintendo’s Smash Bros.-Dedicated Nintendo Direct Stream With Us at 6PM ET [Stream Replay Added]

    Nintendo is delivering a Smash Bros.-centric Nintendo Direct stream tonight at 6PM ET, and you can watch it live right here. It's anyone's guess what the big news will be, but Nintendo has already said we'll get a "release window" for the game, and it should be the most in-depth look at the mashup fighter anyone has gotten so far.

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  7. Gaming

    Mark Your Calendars, Nintendo Will Have a Dedicated Smash Bros. Live Stream April 8th

    In the excitement over Mario Kart 8's pretty graphics and upcoming release, you may have forgotten that Nintendo is promising that their other game packed full of mascot characters, Super Smash Bros., is still scheduled to release this year. Nintendo has just announced that we'll find out more in a dedicated live stream on April 8th.

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  8. Gaming

    New Mario Kart 8 Trailer Shows off Anti-Gravity Tracks, Is Basically the Same as Every Mario Kart

    Yes, Mario Kart 8 looks very pretty. Does that really matter, though? Nintendo's entire business strategy for two generations now has been to push a graphically underpowered console that offers something new and different. No matter how many hang gliders, motorcycles, and anti-gravity tracks you throw in, Mario Kart's age is starting to show.

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  9. Gaming

    Nintendo Pulling the Plug on Wii and DS Online Multiplayer, Here’s What That Means for You

    Nintendo is moving forward into the future, everyone, and that means systematically killing off the Wii and DS to get players to move from the older systems to the newer ones. They stopped producing the Wii in Japan near the end of 2013, and now Wii games will be losing their online multiplayer components.

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  10. Gaming

    You Can Now Get a Life-Size Battery-Powered Mario Kart for Your Kids or Just Your Own Use

    Hey, remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do all day was play Mario Kart? Or right now, as a grown-up, for those of us who are still immature man-children awesome? Well, now you can live the dream in real life, because JAKKS Pacific and Nintendo are putting out a ride-on Mario Kart toy.

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  11. Gaming

    The Olympics Are Ending Today, So Here’s Speed Skating Mario Kart-Style

    The Olympics are over as of today! To stave off your inevitable Olympic-withdrawal symptoms, we present you this video created by Michael Shanks (probably not the Stargate SG-1 guy). It's a Speed Skating run - but with all the trappings of a Mario Kart course. Oh, and the narration is perfect.

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  12. Gaming

    Super Mario Bros. Is Surprisingly Hard to Beat With the Lowest Possible Score [Video]

    YouTuber NotEntirelySure has beaten Super Mario Bros. with the lowest possible score without any cheats for assistance. Now even if you usually fail admirably at old school games, you can't even feel good about that, because someone has turned it into an art and is better at it than you.

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  13. Gaming

    Little Mac Joins Smash Bros., Iwata Reaffirms the Game Will Launch in 2014

    Tonight's Nintendo Direct started with a bang and a KO. Little Mac was officially announced as the newest cast member in Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Also, while there's still no firm date, Nintendo president Iwata stated once again that the game will launch in 2014, which is no doubt a priority for Nintendo to boost hardware sales this year.

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  14. Gaming

    Pokémisers, Rejoice! Pokémon Bank Is Already Available In Europe

    If you've been waiting patiently for the release of Pokémon Bank since the North American and European release were first delayed past their original December 27th date, then you might be in luck. Apparently the 3DS software has just been made available in Europe, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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  15. Gaming

    Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Is Free on 3DS for 4 Days, Grab Your Three Best Friends and Play

    If you're looking for something to do on your 3DS this weekend, since there's really nothing else happening except some football match, Nintendo is giving out copies of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Anniversary Edition from now until Monday. You and up to three of your friends can team up to save Princess Zelda together.

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