1. Tech

    Google vs. Bing: Which Santa Are You Following This Year?

    For years,  North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has used Google Maps to operate its vaunted Santa-tracking software, a holiday tradition for nerds of all stripes, as well as their often equally nerdy kids. This year, though, NORAD unexpectedly bailed on Google, switching to Bing to help it map Santa's trek around the world and ensure he doesn't get up to any shenanigans while he's in American airspace. Not to be outdone, the spurned tech giant has launched its own platform for keeping tabs on St. Nick's travels. These dueling platforms, though, leave us with a dilemma -- which tracker is showing us the real Santa? And perhaps more importantly -- what is that impostor Claus up to? Nothing good, you can be sure of that.

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  2. Science

    It’s That Time of Year, NORAD Tracks Santa

    It's that time of year again, folks, when the world celebrates a guy that certain detractors think was created by a soda company, and when NORAD spends its time monitoring Santa Claus, because, I mean, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has to monitor suspicious objects flying around in the sky for our safety. What's more suspicious than a fat guy in a red suit riding around in a flying sleigh drawn by flying reindeer, who also happens to break into a bunch of houses throughout the night? NORAD tracks his current location and how many gifts he has delivered, so you can see the true workhorse that is Santa Claus.

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  3. Tech

    NORAD’s Santa Tracker Returns, Partnered Up with Google

    NORAD's Santa Tracker, which tracks Saint Nick's flight around the world in real time using "warp-speed GPS technology," is back for 2010, and once again, NORAD has teamed up with Google for Santa visualization in Google Maps and Google Earth. There's also a NORAD Santa Facebook page and Twitter page. Why is NORAD [North American Aerospace Defence Command] involved in any of this, by the way? Back in 1955, the Sears catalog ran an advertisement for a Santa hotline which accidentally sent callers-in to the NORAD commander-in-chief's line; NORAD ran with it and it became a yearly tradition.

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