1. Entertainment

    Oh, This? This Is Just Stephen “Green Arrow” Amell Holding a Giant Jar of Nutella

    We're not really sure what it is about this photo of Arrow star Stephen Amell holding a big-ass jar of Nutella that we find so endlessly fascinating, but we kind of can't stop looking at it. Also now we're hungry... and we want to watch Arrow, but mostly we're hungry for Nutella.

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  2. Weird

    Spreadable. Beer. Beer You Spread on Things Then Eat, Now Reality

    An Italian brewery and an Italian chocolatier came together to invent beer you can spread like Nutella, so let's all take some time this long weekend to write them a thank you note, because now that's a thing that exists. This is groundbreaking because now sandwiches can get you drunk.

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  3. Weird

    Best Thieves Ever Steal 5.5 Tons of Nutella

    While no one was paying attention, someone in Germany pulled off what is clearly the heist of the century, and maybe the finest and most worthwhile criminal act of all time -- sorry, Great Train Robbery. This weekend saw thieves in the town of Bad Hersfeld make off with a parked trailer containing five and a half tons of delicious, creamy, chocolatey Nutella.

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  4. Weird

    Packaging Minimalism

    Design firm Antrepo recently undertook an experiment that they called a "minimalist effect in a maximalist market": They took the existing packaging designs (left) for a number of products, including Pringles, Nutella, and Red Bull, removed some of the clutter and gratuitous graphics (center), and then, for maximally minimal impact, stripped away even more to create a "more simple variation" (right). Sometimes the center picture looks better than the ultra-stripped down design on the right, but in almost every case both beat the cluttered, noisy packaging that actually exists. Which of the variations do you like the best?

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