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    Grumpy Cat Goes Nyan, Destroys Earth, Everything You Ever Loved

    Well, 12/21 passed without incident and, much to everyone's shock, the world didn't come to a fiery end, proving once again that you just can't trust an ancient Mesoamerican culture. In fact, the Inca still owe me $20 after skipping out on a bar tab, and they better not think I've forgotten about it. Today, though, we bring you a glimpse of the apocalypse that could have been, courtesy of of a Nyan-powered Tard the Grumpy Cat. You can behold this truly fearsome thing below, but be forewarned: it is not a video for the faint-hearted or weak-willed.

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  2. Entertainment

    Internet in Mourning After Nyan Cat Passes Away, Sad Keanu Now Even Sadder

    Nyan Cat, the rainbow cat meme we all know and love, was originally an image created by Chris Torres. It is known. Torres based the lovable image on his cat, Marty. Unfortunately for Torres, Marty was diagnosed with feline infectious peritonitis -- basically a death sentence for cats. This was only a week ago. Last night, Marty passed away in Torres' arms, bringing an end to the cat's unexpected celebrity status.

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  3. Gaming

    Original 151 Pokémon in Nyan Cat Form [Video]

    We've seen alternate versions of Pokémon before (here, here, here, here, and here), but never quite like this. Pokémon got a whole lot Nyanier with each of the original 151 Pokémon as Nyan Cats. According to uploader, Simon Johnson, this video took roughly 150 hours to complete and involved over 4,000 individual images. Thank you, Simon! Thank you for doing the thing that none of us had the courage or the will to do. Enjoy.

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  4. Entertainment

    Tom Waits Gets Nyan Cat’d, This Meme Has Nowhere to Go but Down

    We've shown you dozens of Nyan Cats since the Pop-Tart feline screamed across our collective consciousness leaving a rainbow in its wake. Now, a genius by the name of Kevin Weir has made a Tom Waits version of the beloved rainbow cat, complete with Pop-Tart guitar. Ladies and gentlemen: I declare this meme over.

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  5. Tech

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for reading! Have a happy New Year, and we'll see you in 2012!

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  6. Tech

    YouTube Announces the 10 Most Popular Videos of 2011

    It's hard to imagine a world without YouTube, as the video sharing service has entirely changed how we take in content on these wide interwebs. That's why the service's year-end retrospective covering the most popular videos of 2011 is so fascinating, as it features many of the vital videos that came to define this year. And that's both a good and bad thing.

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  7. Weird

    Deploy an Explosive, Maneuverable Nyan Cat Missile in Unreal Tournament 3 [Video]

    For the discerning Unreal Tournament 3 player looking to make an impression no one is soon to forget, there is the Nyan Cat Redeemer. Fully customized with theme music and distinctive rainbow trail, the Nyan Cat missile can be player-navigated to take out even the most capable of enemies. Sure, your opponents might hear it coming from across the map, but that's a small price to pay to ensure that the last thing they see is a smiling rainbow cat. You can find out more about this impressive mod, and download it, at the Epic Games forums. Remember, the Nyan Cat missile isn't about just destroying your enemies -- it's about obliterating them with cuteness and getting that tune stuck in their heads. (via Neatorama)

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  8. Gaming

    All 151 Original Pokémon as Cats, as Drawn By the Creator of Nyan Cat

    PRguitarman, the guy that brought us the ever-nyaning Nyan Cat, spent six months turning each of the original 151 Pokémon (except he had his friend draw Machamp) into cats. They aren't zooming across the sky leaving a rainbow trail amongst the stars, but they're fairly ridiculous, and provided in animated .gif format below the break.

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  9. Gaming

    Nyan Cat Theme on an Ocarina [Video]

    YouTube user docjazz4 spent two months of long practice becoming a master ocarinist, a word that surprisingly didn't invoke red spellcheck squigglies underneath it when I just typed it. No, docjazz4 didn't learn all of the songs from everyone's favorite ocarina medium -- he spent those two months learning how to play the Nyan Cat theme, and judging from the above video of him rocking out with an ocarina, those two months were time well spent.

    (via reddit)

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  10. Weird

    Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and the Nyan Cat Theme Mashed Up on Piano Actually Sound Good Together [Video]

    YouTube user lara6683, master of mixing classy instruments and video games, just became a master of mixing obnoxious memes, but making the result kind of good. Playing piano, she mixed Rebecca Black's infamous "Friday" and the Nyan Cat theme music, and, somehow, the resulting mashup is actually decent -- specifically, when the chorus of "Friday" hits.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  11. Tech

    Turn Your Windows 7 Progress Bar Into a Nyan Cat

    Developed by Ben Stone, the program Instant Elevator Music plays music whenever a user is waiting for a process to finish on his or her computer. Modding the program, Stone was able to slap a Nyan Cat into the progress bar, replacing the now old and busted soothing green bar. Currently, the Nyan bar only works in Windows 7, and Stone says it won't work in Windows XP and there's also a chance that the bar will only work properly with the Windows File Explorer. Head on past the break to see a video of the bar in action.

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  12. Weird

    Nyan Cats From Around the World

    So, you want to start your own country? Better design a flag, pick an animal and get to work on your Nyan Cat. Around the 4th of July, two very American Nyan Cats got a lot of attention, and so here at Geekosystem, we decided to look into the phenomena and collect as many ethnic nyan cats as possible. It turned out to be an interesting pursuit as the existence and/or quality of a countries Nyan Cat isn't related to anything as simple as population. In fact, these wonderful Nyans can probably be used as somewhat of a barometer with which to judge the Internet-saviness, meme-awareness and national pride of the cultural groups that associate with a given country. Also how much free time they have and how inclined they are to waste it. A few fun statistics (assuming I've found all the national Nyan Cats out there):
    • Israel is the smallest country (by population) to have a Nyan Cat.
    • Indonesia is the largest country (by population) not to have one.
    • All Nyan Cats hail from Europe, Asia or North America.
    • France has the largest variety of Nyan Cats (three).
    See them all after the jump, play them simultaneously and let the Nyan soak in through your eardrums.

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  13. Entertainment

    Happy Fourth of July, From Two Americ-Nyan Cats [Video]

    What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than to watch two different Americ-Nyan cats shooting across the sky like holiday fireworks? The more tasteful flag cat above, and the extremely American greasy hamburger cat past the break. Happy Fourth of July!

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  14. Tech

    Original Nyan Cat Gone From YouTube UPDATED

    The infamous Nyan cat video has disappeared from YouTube, much like a certain video about a certain day of the week. The plot has thickened in this case, however. Although the video's page explains that the video has been removed due to a copyright claim by creator PRGuitarMan, he insists that he requested no such action and is currently in touch with YouTube to try and get the video reinstated. His website is currently serving as a liveblog of sorts as he tries to correct the situation.

    While it may not be of dire importance that the original Nyan cat video is on YouTube at this very second (it's not like there aren't any reasonable substitutes), this situation brings to light the way in which YouTube deals copyright infringement accusations. That is to say, with a heavy bias towards the accuser. This bias raises some serious questions as to how issues like this will be handled in the future in order to prevent copyright removal requests from potentially being used as weapons towards controversial videos, considering that proving you're the owner gets a lot harder when trying to reinstate a video.

    Prguitarman states on his website:

    Funny how someone can easily make a complaint but to actually prove it the owner has to jump through all of these hoops. FUN TIMES! But seriously, there is a lot of work involved here and it's pretty stressful.

    UPDATE: It's back!

    (Prguitarman via The Daily What)

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  15. Tech

    WikiPreview: Make Wikipedia Even More Addictive by Previewing Links

    Wikipedia syndrome, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is "the act of going to a site with the intention of looking up one piece of information, and instead finding yourself on one or more articles that have nothing to do with what you had originally come for. Stems from Wikipedia linking to articles within articles." (If that's bad, I don't even want to know the symptoms of TVTropes syndrome.) Restlessly fluttering between pages may be an inevitable consequence of wiki power-using, but there's a neat Google Chrome plug-in that alleviates it somewhat. Rather than having to click through every link in a Wikipedia article, WikiPreview lets users evaluate the clickability of a given link by pulling up a preview of the next page. The plug-in is handy, but it isn't perfect: For one thing, it shows information for parent articles rather than subsections, even if the link goes to a subsection; for another, it sometimes has issues displaying link previews from further down the page. Chrome users can install WikiPreview here; true obsessives may want to try Wikipedia's navigation popup tool, which does require users to create a Wikipedia account before setup. (WikiPreview via Lifehacker)

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