1. Tech

    Tonight’s State of the Union Will Have More Social Media, Probably More Statiness and Unionness as a Result*

    The White House is trying to punch up the State of the Union stream this year with added social media integration. You can tweet all of your nodding and incessant clapping right along with government officials, and you can Vine, Instagram, Tweet, and Facebook—the things hip, young voters like to do—your concerns in an online Q&A session afterwards.

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  2. Tech

    Problems with Likely More Than Just Traffic

    Any implementation of new technology on the scale of is bound to run into problems. Unfortunately, now that some time has passed, it seems like the site's troubles may not have just been your run of the mill, version 1.0 bugs. Get out your party hats, "Big Government" haters.

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  3. Tech

    This Website Tells You Whether or not the Government Is Shut Down, and Almost Nothing Else

    There's been a lot of talk about the United States government shutdown this month. What if you're sick of hearing about it, but still want to know whether or not the government is shut down? We've found a website that simply tells you whether or not the government is shut down, and nothing else. Alright, there's a little more to it, but not much.

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  4. Tech

    We Knew This Already: Twitter Doesn’t Accurately Represent Public Opinion

    There are some things we've always just assumed about the Internet that we never bothered to look into too thoroughly. We know the Internet likes cats, we know people on Instagram think their food is super-interesting, and we know that the things people say on Twitter don't accurately reflect the popular opinion of society. Don't worry, though. Pew Research went ahead and double-checked that last one with a year-long study.

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  5. Entertainment

    Obama Loses Geek Cred After “Jedi Mind Meld” Comment, White House Makes Up for It

    We felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of geek voices suddenly cried out in terror and suddenly went where no man has gone before. Because in the world of Presidential speech flubs -- and yes, that's a whole universe -- today's was pretty good. We geeks must set aside our differences, commiserate, and laugh together at the fact that President Obama just conflated Star Wars and Star Trek. But even the White House laughs with us.

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  6. Science

    Obama Plans 10-Year Project to Map Human Brain

    In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama made several mentions of a commitment to science that caught our attention. Now it seems some details about those plans are surfacing. One area of study he mentioned in his speech was that scientists are working to map the human brain, and it's now being reported that the President wants to launch a decade-long program to create the most detailed map of the active human brain to date.

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  7. Tech

    Patently Ridiculous: Obama Calls Out Patent Trolls in Fireside Hangout

    Patent trolls are the worst, and that's coming straight from the top. President Obama on Thursday answered a question about patent trolls during his Google+ Fireside Hangout, and he didn't have anything nice to say about them. The President didn't exactly call trolls "the worst," but his comments were not far off.

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  8. Tech

    Live Stream Obama’s Fireside Google Hangout Here

    Was the State of the Union earlier this week fun, but just not enough President for you? Well, good news -- Obama is doing a Google Hangout, and we'll have the live stream right here. This isn't Obama's first "Fireside Hangout" -- he did one about a year ago -- but it's the first one of his second term, and hopefully a sign that these will be a habit going forward. Yes, it's going to be at least a little canned and PR-ish, but hey, it's the damn President, nothing's not at least sort of planned. Still, it's a fun way to be interactive that doesn't make anyone leave the office, and that works for us. Plus, you might get an answer for why the hell we still make pennies, and wouldn't that be nice?

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  9. Tech

    What Does Obama’s Executive Order On Cybersecurity Mean?

    In last night's State of the Union Address, President Obama called for... well, a lot of things. It's the State of The Union, it covers a lot of ground. One item high on the agenda, though, was improving cybersecurity around the nation. It was a timely concern, considering that Anonymous members were threatening to disrupt the online broadcast of the President's speech, a threat they failed to follow through on. Before he took the stage though, Obama had already signed an executive order in the hopes of strengthening America's infrastructure -- things like power grids and air traffic control systems -- against cyber attacks. While well meaning, though, the order is largely toothless.

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  10. Tech

    Anonymous May Block Obama’s State of the Union Address Tonight

    Which are you more afraid of: Internet anarchists or Big Brother? Tonight, the live Internet feed of President Obama's State of the Union address may just get blocked by Anonymous, who've declared they would do so. Check the Internet tonight at 9PM Eastern Standard Time to find out if it really happens, but read on to find out why.

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  11. Tech

    Obama Administration Issues Formal Threat To Veto CISPA As-Is

    Not too long ago, the Obama administration offered a weak, but still welcome criticism of everyone's favorite cybersecurity bill CISPA. While the announcement then neither mentioned CISPA by name nor bring up the word "veto," there's been a follow-up announcement that does both. Yes, the Obama administration has issued a formal veto threat against CISPA, as is. In the coming days before the vote, CISPA does face some amendments, and I'd also like to remind you that a veto threat is worth as much as the paper it's printed on. In this case it's an email, but it's still better than an endorsement, right?

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  12. Weird

    The Incredible Obama Hulk

    Artist Ron English gives us a glimpse at what happens when you make Obama angry. Weird thing is though, we like that he made Obama angry. And vascular. Sadly, the figure isn't purchasable, as English created the sculpture to be used in a currently undisclosed later work.

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  13. Tech

    Obama Administration Proposes Unique Internet ID for Every American

    In the coming months, the Obama administration is planning on passing a new proposal, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, to the U.S. Commerce Department regarding a national "cybersecurity measure" that will aim to give each U.S. citizen their own unique Internet ID, but U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke assures us, "We are not talking about a national ID card." Head on past the break to see if Locke can assuage your fears of Big Brother watching your every cyber-move.

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  14. Tech

    U.S. Government to Double Available Wireless Spectrum

    Over the next 10 years, the White House said it will be nearly doubling the federal and commercial wireless spectrum in order to keep up with the explosive demand for smartphone and other wireless Internet device communications. President Barack Obama is expected to sign a memorandum today committing the federal government to auction off 500MHz of federal and commercial spectrum. National Economic Council director Lawrence H. Summers, who is to give a speech outlining the policy later today at Washington think tank New America Foundation, said: "This initiative will catalyze private sector investment, contribute to economic growth and help to create hundreds of thousands of jobs."

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  15. Weird

    Alabama Geometry Teacher Uses Obama Assassination to Teach Students about Angles

    This is not an Onion headline: a geometry teacher in Alabama taught his students about parallel lines and angles using the charming example of assassinating President Obama.

    The geometry teacher, who has not been named, was investigated by the Secret Service after word of his lesson got out, but the superintendent at the school where the teacher works, Corner High School, says that while the Obama assassination example showed "extremely poor judgment" on the teacher's part, there are no plans to fire him.

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