1. Space

    (Update) President Obama Visits Kennedy Space Center Amidst Backlash

    This afternoon, President Obama will be tasked with selling his new vision for American space exploration and the future of NASA, amidst a flurry of criticism from those who brought us into the Space Age. Even as he will be the first sitting president to speak at Kennedy Space Center since the Clinton Administration, he faces tough opposition. Apollo-era commanders Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, and Eugene Cernan have released an open letter to the president, slamming the decisions to cancel the previous administration's Constellation moon mission and rocket development in favor of relying on private companies for future travel to the international space station and beyond.

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  2. Gaming

    The 10 Weirdest Educational Video Games

    President Obama has been historically a bit down on video games, readily associating them with bad parenting.  In spit of this, Joystiq reports today that Obama's fiscal commission has been communicating with Microsoft about creating a budget balancing game.

    That is: Not a game that would teach people to balance their own budgets, but a game that would let others attempt to balance the federal budget, to promote public awareness of how difficult it is.  Commission co-chair Erskine Bowles said: "What you could get is support among the populace for the exceptionally unpopular things you need to do to solve this problem... [the game could] go viral."

    Joystiq points out that it wouldn't be the first game built around balancing the United States federal budget, nor would it be the first game that tried to educate you about something decidedly un-game-like.  We list ten of the best, worst, and weirdest, after the jump.  Some of them you can even play in your browser: like, right now!

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  3. Entertainment

    Barack Obama Buys Star Wars: a Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy

    Barack Obama -- the same president who is a huge Spider-Man fan, casually drops references to dilithium crystals, and may or may not have made an "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" reference -- further fortified his geek cred yesterday, when he bought Matt Reinhart's Star Wars: a Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy as a gift for his press secretary's son.

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