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  1. Gaming

    Move Over, Twitch Plays Pokémon: The New Hotness Is Virtuix Omni Pokémon

    Fighting with thousands of other onlookers just to get your player character to move in the right direction? Pffft. That's so two months ago. Now we'd rather play Pokémon the way that God and Nature intended: by trotting about on an itty bitty treadmill.

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  2. Tech

    Kickstarter Backers Are Mad at Oculus Over Facebook Deal, But Maybe Everyone Should Just Chill Out

    Man, people are really upset over the whole Oculus Rift/Facebook deal, and perhaps most understandably, their backers on Kickstarter are feeling the most betrayed. Still, maybe we should all pause for a moment of sanity before making any Vines of throwing a Rift in the garbage.

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  3. Tech

    Celebrate the Facebook Oculus Rift Deal with the White Guys Wearin’ Oculus Rift Tumblr

    Facebook just bought virtual reality company Oculus Rift for two billion dollars. That's billions. With a B. You can listen to more of the details on their investor call today at 6:15PM EDT which is in just a few minutes, but until then you can check out the White Guys Wearin' Oculus Rifts Tumblr to celebrate.

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  4. Gaming

    Virtual Reality is Coming and You Are Going To Suck At It, Says PBS Game/Show

    The growth of the oculus rift is incredibly exciting, but it's totally going to explode your brain when you put it on, because we have a harder time distinguishing between virtual reality and actual reality than we previously thought. So how's this going to affect our gaming abilities? PBS Game/Show attempts to explain.

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  5. Gaming

    “Jerry’s Place VR” Lets You Explore Seinfeld’s Apartment With an Oculus Rift Headset

    Do you wish that you and your friends were so compelling and interesting that you could talk about nothing on broadcast television for nine years and get Emmy's for it? Do you also wish you lived in an apartment that transcends the rules of modern urban planning? Have we got the virtual reality program for you!

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  6. Gaming

    You Can Play The Legend of Zelda From Link’s POV With The Oculus Rift

    The Oculus Rift can be used for all sorts of amazing things, like controlling space robots and diffusing bombs. But let's be honest with ourselves - what we really want out of virtual reality gaming is the ability to play The Legend of Zelda from a first-person perspective. That's right; you can be Link (just make sure you keep quiet).

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  7. Gaming

    You Can Now Rent a Zombie Holodeck for Corporate Events

    The Oculus Rift is great, but it's still not quite in the realm of Holodeck-style virtual reality, because you're locked down to a computer and a controller while playing it. Australian development house Zero Latency is changing that with a room set up with motion tracking cameras, a controller/gun combo, and lots of zombies.

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  8. Gaming

    Defuse a Bomb With the Oculus Rift in the Game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

    Sure, NASA is experimenting with the Oculus rift to control robots in space, and the Navy is doing... something with it, but let's not forget what advanced virtual reality technology's primary function is: crazy new video games. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes makes you defuse a bomb with directions from players who can't see it.

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  9. Space

    NASA Playing with Kinect 2 and Oculus Rift to Control Space Robots, Working at NASA Sounds Extra Appealing

    "No, Mom, I will not pause this game for dinner. I'm practicing my skills for NASA." Yes, some day you may be able to use this excuse for playing video games endlessly, but only if you enjoy motion controls. NASA is experimenting with using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and Microsoft's new Kinect to control robots in space.

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  10. Gaming

    John Carmack Joins Oculus Rift Maker As CTO

    John Carmack, the co-founder of id Software who pioneered 3D graphics and the first-person shooter with Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, is moving on to a new level of first-person gaming. It's just been announced that Carmack will be the chief technical officer for Oculus, the company that makes the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

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  11. Tech

    So Now You Can Use An Oculus Rift To Pilot A Drone, Apparently

    The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is still in development mode and won't be fully compatible with your favorite video games for some time. That doesn't mean, of course, that people aren't excited for all the potential the rift has to offer -- including Intuitive Aerial, a group that hooked one of these suckers up to a drone and let it loose in the sky.

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  12. Gaming

    It’s For Sci — No, No It’s Not: Wicked Paradise Attempts to Cross Uncanny Valley With Porn Video Game

    Game developer Jeroen Van den Bosch is attempting to make what he describes as: "an adult version of Heavy Rain but completely designed for virtual reality." Something about this story enters I've-lost-all-faith-in-humanity territory, but it's hard to determine whether it's using virtual reality for porn before making a world where we can play with dinosaurs, or that it actually took someone this long to do it.

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  13. Gaming

    Get Ready to Exercise, Because It Looks Like We’re Getting a Virtual Reality Treadmill

    Listen, I want to get in shape as much as the next person-who-spent-all-winter-eating-giant-bags-of-Heath-bars, but not only do I live in the Cicada Belt and currently fear the buzzing, bug-filled outdoors, I also would much rather spend my time playing video games anyway. Luckily, Virtuix has found the answer to my problem -- the Omni treadmill, which allows you to literally run around in your favorite game worlds. Like, with real running. You know, that thing you do when you're about to miss the bus? Now that Virtuix's Kickstarter campaign raised well above its goal in a matter of hours, you'll be able to do that thing for fun.

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  14. Gaming

    Half-Life 2 Gets Oculus Rift Support, Is Still Not Half-Life 3

    The good news for everyone still playing Half-Life 2 because Half-Life 3 hasn't come out? You'll have a whole new way to play the game soon, as Freeman and friends are coming to play on the Oculus Rift headset, with a beta version already available for developers. The bad news, of course, is that this is not Half-Life 3.

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  15. Gaming

    Valve Ponders Sweat, Eye Movement as Controls for New Games

    Oculus Rift is getting a lot of attention lately -- and considering it can bring things like a guillotine simulator to life, that attention is due -- but the headset isn't the only way developers are trying to move past the traditional controller/keyboard inputs. Over the weekend, experimental psychologist and Valve consultant Mike Ambinder discussed some of the ways Valve wants to use biofeedback to immerse players in upcoming games. One plan on the horizon? In new games, Valve wants the way you sweat to change outcomes -- just like being on a first date!

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