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    Weekly Shonen Jump Theme Park Coming to Japan, Otakus Squeal with Delight

    Put down those mangas and listen up, anime fans sadly living on the western side of the world! Namco Bandai Group has recently announced that Japan will be playing host to a Weekly Shonen Jump indoor theme park in the summer of 2013 -- a veritable Xanadu for the avid otaku, featuring attractions and costumed mascots based on the manga anthology's most popular franchises: Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. Buying a one-way plane ticket to Japan may mean cutting back on your ramen and exorbitantly overpriced anime collectibles budget, but getting the chance to embrace an apathetic minimum wage park employee dressed as Monkey D. Luffy will be worth the trip!

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    One Piece Is Getting a 79 Million Dollar Theme Park

    For those of you that have had your fill at the themed One Piece restaurant and need somewhere similarly themed to go for after dinner festivities, there is now a One Piece theme park in the works, with a budget of a whopping 79 million bucks.

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    Jörg Sprave Makes the Kabuto Slingshot from One Piece a Reality [Video]

    Jörg Sprave, the mad genius millionaire and slingshot maker, certainly refuses to get stale. After building slingshot cannons, and more recently a slew of zombie killing devices, he's turned to comic books for inspiration. His latest creation is the Kabuto, a slingshot staff featured prominently in the One Piece series. Of course, in the hands of Sprave it's not just a slingshot: It's a throwing spear, a stabbing weapon, a zombie-grabber, and a slingshot! 

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    One Piece Anime Gets Themed Restaurant in Japan

    Fuji TV announced they'll be opening a restaurant themed after the popular One Piece anime on December 11, 2010, and it will remain open until May 31, 2011. Named "The One Piece Restaurant Going Merry-Gō," the restaurant will be decorated like the interior of the anime's Going Merry ship and will feature dishes that appeared throughout the show and manga.

    From Anime News Network, regarding the menu offerings:

    The menu includes the main character Luffy's favorite piece of meat (complete with the bone that he is often seen gnawing), Sanji's "terrible" soup (as seen on page 99 of the eighth manga volume), and Nami's Fruit Macedonia (as seen on page 31 of the sixth manga volume).

    Hey, if the restaurant is successful, they can always open up a second one themed after the Thousand Sunny.

    (Anime News Network via Topless Robot)

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