1. Space

    Scientists Say Mysterious Mars Rock Has Bizarre Chemical Composition

    Stop the presses! There's a new development in the ongoing investigation into the mystery jelly doughnut rock on Mars! Scientists now say that the rock, which they're calling Pinnacle Island, has a baffling chemical composition unlike anything ever seen on the Red Planet before. But still nothing about aliens. I mean, nothing much.

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  2. Space

    The Little Rover That Could: Opportunity Breaks NASA’s Driving Distance Record

    With all the hubbub surrounding the landing of the Curiosity rover, folks tend to forget that it's not the only device operating on the planet. The Opportunity rover's still kicking up there, for example, and it's hauling butt to get the job done. It's been hauling so much butt, in fact, that on Thursday it broke NASA's 40-year-old record for total distance traveled on a world other than Earth.

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  3. Space

    The Opportunity Rover is Alive and Well and Living on Mars

    The Curiosity rover has been making all the headlines lately, even if they are a little underwhelming, but its predecessor Opportunity is still out there doing its thing. The Opportunity rover has just completed a 1,160 foot "walkabout" around Matijevic Hill. Like an older sibling jealous of all the attention the new baby is getting, Opportunity is still exploring the surface of Mars and sending its data back to Earth. Its mission was only supposed to last a few months, but as it approaches its nine year anniversary on Mars, the Opportunity rover is still going strong.

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  4. Science

    Iron “Blueberries” on Mars Could Be Clues To Ancient Microbial Life

    The above picture may not look like much, but it could be a huge deal. The photograph, taken by the Opportunity Rover at Mars' Cape York site, shows iron spherules that researchers commonly refer to as "blueberries." Similar formations are found here on Earth. The catch is that, here, they are formed with help from microbial organisms, suggesting that these unassuming iron marbles could be a telltale sign of ancient life on the red planet.

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  5. Space

    Most Powerful Piece of Evidence for Water on Mars Found by NASA Rover

    NASA rover Opportunity has found what is described as "the single most powerful piece of evidence for liquid water at Mars," by Steve Squyres, Opportunity's principle investigator. The evidence, announced by researchers yesterday, is a mineral vein, comprised of gypsum that was almost certainly deposited by a water source. Opportunity has been trolling Mars for eight years along with its twin, Spirit, and this recent discovery of a mineral vein around the rim of the massive crater Endeavor is its most exciting discovery to date.

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