1. Entertainment

    The Ninja Turtles Have a New Origin Story in the Upcoming Movie, and It Doesn’t Sound Bad So Far

    Paramount used CinemaCon to show off some details about their upcoming films, and the teaser for the new, Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie was among their offerings. This is probably the same trailer we'll get next month with The Winter Soldier, and it finally dropped some new origin info and a look at the Turtles.

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  2. Gaming

    EA’s Humble Origin Bundle Brings All Kinds of Awesome Games

    EA, oft-called the worst company in the world, has just done something really cool: They've teamed up with Humble Bundle to release some of their best games this generation for however much you want. Finally, a reason to actually use Origin!

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  3. Gaming

    Strange Things Are Happening With Ubisoft and Electronic Arts’ Online Stores

    Video game publishers Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are up to something that can only be described as bewildering. Ubisoft will be selling third-party games (i.e. not their own) on their online store, Uplay. Odd, but simple enough. They're also going to be selling their own games on competitor Electronic Art's online store, Origin. Huh? No, wait, I have a theory.

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  4. Gaming

    Electronic Arts Accidentally Gives Away Thousands of Video Games Thanks to Poor Coding Decision

    It looks like Electronic Arts will have to chalk up this past weekend as unintentional free advertising for their Origin network. See, the video games giant handed out a coupon code worth $20 -- only good on Origin -- to those that took a survey about their digital distribution service. This is not an uncommon thing to do in the industry, and EA has a history of such coupons. Unfortunately, they may have got more than they bargained for this time. Users discovered that they could reuse the coupon, and it wasn't unique to them, so the Internet acquired thousands of games on Origin for free.

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  5. Gaming

    Sony Gets Sued Over PlayStation Network’s No-Sue Clause

    So remember back, after the big Sony hacking fiasco, when Sony pushed a PlayStation Network update that required all users to surrender their right to sue Sony? Well now Sony is getting sued over it. There were a lot of questions about whether the move to include the clause was actually legal, and now we're set to find out. Sony did provide a way to opt-out of the clause, but it was hard to find and even harder to excute; you had to send them a letter snail-mail, which as we all know, is an activity bordering on impossible. Seriously though, it's kind of a pain and that was a pretty sketchy move on Sony's part.

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  6. Gaming

    Top Reasons Why Origin From Electronic Arts is a Bad Idea

    Electronic Arts has been toying with their own download service for some time now. Even prior to announcing Origin, they had their grubby mitts on the digital market with their EA Download Manager which, like the name suggests, managed all of the digital downloads purchased from the Electronic Arts website. As one of the biggest publishers out there steps up their digital game to go toe to toe with Valve’s Steam service, one can’t help but wonder if there aren’t at least a dozen or so good reasons as to why they really shouldn’t be going ahead with this no matter what they tell themselves. Well, wonder no longer, because here they are.

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