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    Get a Condensed Lesson in Filmmaking From a Supercut of the Last Shot of Every Best Picture Winner

    Everyone loves movies, but not everyone has the necessary things to go to film school, such as "time" or "a massive pile of money," so The Final Image will help you avoid both of those problems. They've got a supercut of the final shot from every Best Picture winner, so you can learn how to finish that screenplay you've been working on.

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    Batkid Was Cut From the Oscars, They Were Significantly Less Adorable as a Result

    I don't even have to see the Oscars' cut Batkid segment to know that I would've preferred for it to be included. It could have been twenty solid minutes of Batkid and Ellen standing awkwardly next to each other, and it still would've been adorable and better than any other part of the Oscars. So why did it get cut? The Internet has some theories.

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    The Worf of Starfleet Trailer Should’ve Won Wolf of Wall Street an Oscar

    I think the members of the Academy may have missed this parody trailer, because how could you not give an Oscar to the movie responsible for this? Oh well. If your movie doesn't win an Oscar, a parody with a Worf pun is pretty much the best next thing, right?

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    Our Completely Unfounded Picks for Tonight’s Oscars

    The Oscars are tonight, and though we're all desperately curious to see if Jennifer Lawrence will trip over her dress again, we also have some thoughts about who should take home those coveted golden statues. Yeah, so our reasoning isn't exactly based in hard science, but we like what we like, and nerds never have a shortage of opinions on films.

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    Have All 9 Best Picture Oscar Nominees Plus 41 Other Movies From 2013 Spoiled for You in One Video

    I don't know who would want to have all the Best Picture nominees spoiled for them, but if you do, now you can along with 41 other movie spoilers all in under seven minutes thanks to the Fine Brothers. Why? I don't know. They like spoiling things?

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    The Oscar Statue Gets a Bit More Anatomically Correct in This Sketch From Above Average

    Did you know the Oscar statue had a penis until the 1950s? Okay, that's not actually true, but it's the premise for this sketch from Above Average. In it, SNL's Tim Robinson plays a sculptor who is finally restoring the Oscar statue to its full, penis-having splendor... because of reasons?

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    Paperman Producer Tossed From the Oscars After Throwing Paper Planes

    Did you see Paperman, the black and white Disney short that preceded Wreck-It Ralph in the theaters and which snagged the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film last night? Yeah, it was great. But in a curious crinkle of papery fate, Paperman producer Kristina Reed was kicked out of the 85th Academy Awards right after her cinematic baby took the award for Best Animated Short Flim. For throwing paper planes, which it turns out is as unacceptable at the Academy Awards as it was during algebra in middle school.

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    As Life of Pi Wins Best Visual Effects Oscar, The Effects Community Rallies in Protest

    At last night's Oscars ceremony, Life of Pi took home "Best Visual Effects" and rightfully so, Rhythm & Hues, the company that did the visual effects on the film, did beautiful work that really created the world of the movie. The same can be said of Snow White & The Huntsman, another CGI-laden film Rhythm & Hues did the effects for. Together, those films grossed over a billion dollars. Meanwhile, Rhythm & Hues had to file for bankruptcy and close up shop, so the visual effects community came out to protest what they see as an imbalance at the Oscars last night. The ceremony itself only made things worse.

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    Get Caught Up With the Oscar Nominated Films You Missed With These Adorable Children

    The Oscars are this Sunday, and I for one am woefully unprepared to make my picks in the annual bet I have with my friends. I have seen almost literally none of the films nominated this year, and I only have a few days left to get caught up if I'm going to stand a chance at winning the coveted prize of lunch at the local Chinese buffet. Thankfully, the tiny folks at Copycat Kidz have put together a highlight reel of sorts to cover the major players in this year's Academy Awards.

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    Best Picture Winner The Artist Sets New Oscar Records

    As most of you probably know, the black and white silent film The Artist won the Academy Award for best picture last night. In case you haven't seen it (I haven't, and have been itching to for weeks), The Artist is a mostly silent, black and white film about silent black and white film. With its win last night, this delightfully anachronistic movie has reset the clock on some remarkable Oscar records.

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    The 2012 Oscar Winners, as Predicted by Twitter [Infographic]

    With the Oscars going down tonight, there is rampant speculation about who is going to walk away with which electroplated gold statue. While the decision making process inside the Academy is notoriously wonky, the folks over at Flowtown have put together an infographic showing the Twitter buzz around some of the top Oscar contenders. Their handsome infographic compares the "winners" on Twitter with other prognosticatory sources, which offers surprising insights into what the Internet is saying about these flicks. We'll have to wait until tonight to see if Twitter becomes the next bellwether for the Oscars.

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    11 Weird and Wonderful Facts About the Oscars

    Begun in 1929, the Academy Awards and its iconic Oscar statues have become a high-water mark in terms of pagentry and the movies they honor. True, the awards are sometimes overshadowed by the films they snub, but the event continues to hold international attention and has given out 2,809 Oscars for 1,853 in the intervening 83 ceremonies. In that time, the event has picked up some pretty interesting stats and facts, which we've chronicled for your pleasure.

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    The Oscars, but Autotuned [Video]

    This year, the Oscars weren't, to coin a phrase that is due for a revival, all that and a bag of chips. They are, however, way more fun when autotuned. Also, there are some abs on display at the end to make us feel a little inadequate as we eat our unhealthy morning snack.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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    Every Oscar-Bait Movie Cliché, One Trailer

    Comedy troupe BriTANicK has put together this head-twistingly meta trailer to end all trailers: a pretty comprehensive rundown of trite but critic-winning film cliches, from the bevy of indie comedy "rich but unfulfilled guy meets manic pixie dream girl and QuirkyLove ensues" to teaming up with natives against the American colonial metaphor. [Movie title] will make you laugh, cry, etc.

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    The 82nd Academy Awards: Geek Dominated, but Ultimately Disappointing

    After seeming to show so much promise in the nominations, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has not followed through on its promise "to recognize and include some of the fantastic movies that often show up in the other Oscar categories, but have been squeezed out of the race for the top prize."

    What this statement meant, when you strip out all the language designed not to offend, is this: to recognize and include genre movies, that is, science fiction, fantasy, action, and animation (yes, I know animation is a medium and not a genre, but Hollywood hasn't figured that out yet).

    Much to my should-not-have-been-surprise, when the last award was announced, despite multiple nominations in more than ten categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, and both Screenplay awards, genre movies were snubbed in almost every award except the technical ones. 

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