1. Space

    The Sun Is Beautiful on Every Wavelength in This Gorgeous Video from NASA

    This video shows the Sun opening its mouth like Pac-Man. Instead of eating ghosts, it shows you what its surface looks like at different wavelengths of light, and it looks gorgeous. NASA is calling it the "Jewel Box Sun" and throwing around the word "rainbow" a lot, but we'll stick with our Pac-Man analogy, thank you very much.

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  2. Space

    Watch Yesterday’s Partial Solar Eclipse from Key West [Video]

    To say that a partial solar eclipse reminds us of Pac-Man may be underselling how awesome it is to see the moon pass in front of the sun, but give us a break; sunrise is early. If you weren't up early enough to see sunrise yesterday, you missed an incredible show as the moon blocked out part of the sun while it rose.

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  3. Space

    Cassini Spacecraft Snaps Beautiful Image of Saturn’s Pac-Man/Death Star Moon Mimas

    If you don't have a favorite moon of Saturn, let us make a case for Mimas. Thermal images make it look like Pac-Man, but regular pictures like this new one from NASA's Cassini spacecraft make it look like the Death Star. It shows Mimas passing by its little oblong-shaped buddy Pandora. Space is pretty.

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  4. Gaming

    Eat, Drink, and Play Pac-Man: Namco Plans to Expand Arcade Business With New Restaurant Chain

    Even well into our adult years, we never appear to break out of that desire to seek out venues that in some way emulate our fond childhood experiences spent at Chuck E. Cheese's or ShowBiz Pizza restaurants: Food of dubious nutritional value, arcade games, and enough light and sound to overload the senses of even the most hardy of human beings. With plenty of establishments such as Jillian's and Dave & Busters catering to modern society's rampant case of Peter Pan Syndrome, Namco Entertainment Inc. -- the arcade game division of video game publisher/developer Namco Bandai Games Inc. -- is going forward with their plan to open a chain of restaurants in a similar vein to the aforementioned competition, which will hopefully allow the company to stake a claim in this lucrative market.

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  5. Gaming

    Press Start: Museum of Modern Art to Showcase Video Game Collection

    To all those people who scoff at video games and see them as nothing but wastes of time and a way to lose brain cells, here's some well-deserved egg on your face: By March 2013, The Museum of Modern Art is planning to present a gallery showcasing select video games that have left an indelible mark on popular culture in addition to other qualities that make them artistic pieces in their own right. At last, someone out there has discerning taste!

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  6. Space

    Hold Everything: Saturn Has Another Pac-Man Moon

    In 2010, which is about three millennia ago on the Internet, NASA's Cassini Probe found perhaps the most important and relevant scientific discovery in the history of humanity: The heat signature of one of Saturn's moons, Mimas, looked just like Pac-Man. Today, we can all pay attention to what is clearly the most important things that will be said today, which is that another moon of Saturn, Tethys, has a similar heat signature. There's no word yet on whether this moon is a Ms. Pac-Man moon or not, but obviously we'll stay with this one all night if we have to.

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  7. Gaming

    Potentially Suspenseful YouTube Video Ruined By Title (It’s Pac-Man)

    You see this about 2 minutes in, but when once it could have been disturbingly perplexing or gloriously revelatory, it is now elicits a mere "Ah." and a brief moment trying to remember what those white spherical things are called.

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  8. Gaming

    Pac-Man Ported To Handmade Coffee Table

    Pac-Man has been ported to a lot of different systems. Now, it seems like he's been ported to the coffee table. Designed by Kiran Hungin, this Pac-Man coffee table mosaic features a detailed close-up, sacrificing the lion's share of the maze's empty space to focus on more critical features, like the misproportioned ghost pen and a non-canonical yellow ghost. If these little inaccuracies don't bug you, you can actually purchase the table from the U.K. version of Etsy, Folksy. It's not exactly cheap though, at a price of around $360. Still, it's certainly unique, that is of course, unless you just go and make your own.

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  9. Gaming

    New Pac-Man Run Blows Old World Record Away

    Got your eyes on a Pac-Man world record? Well, your already unrealistic dreams just got a little more unrealistic. Dave Race of Ohio just recently blew the old world record out of the water by completing a perfect game in 3 hours, 33 minutes and 12.69 seconds. That's almost a full minute (55.31 seconds) faster than the previous record, also held by Race. Basically, if you're not Dave Race, good luck.

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  10. Gaming

    Pac-Man Watch Is Awesome-Looking, Moderately Confusing

    This neat-looking Pac-Man watch, entitled Pac-in-time, is a concept by Benedetto Papi. So, although it doesn't actually exist, we can sure hope that it might. It's an extremely stark thing and I'm really digging the simplicity. The only problem is that I can't exactly figure out how it works. Obviously it tells time by the Pac-Man death animation, but beyond that, I don't get it. You can tell which is the minute hand and which is the hour hand by where the yellow is, I guess, but do Pac-Man's daily deaths just correspond with the arbitrary times that the hands cross, like 5:37-ish or 9:48ish? It seems like it'd be cooler if he died on the hour or something, but it's just a concept, so who knows how it'd work if it ever actually gets made.

    Come on Namco. It's pretty hard to pass up another opportunity to monetize Pac-Man.

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  11. Gaming

    World’s Biggest PAC-MAN Appropriately Lets You Play the World’s Biggest Pac-Man Game

    The World's Biggest PAC-MAN website is operating under a fairly descriptive moniker. It allows people to play what can only possibly be described as, you guessed it, the world's largest game of Pac-Man. As we often find with neat browser games, web design team Soap Creative used HTML5 to get World's Biggest PAC-MAN up and running. The game connects user-created Pac-Man levels--ranging anywhere from ridiculously easy, to extravagantly difficult, to the obligatory genitalia-themed mazes--and allows users to dump all of their workday productivity into a Pac-Man world so large that it requires a world map.

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  12. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 1/23

    Thomas Edison's Predictions for 2011 in 1911 (Paleofuture) 3DS games will cost between $40 and $50 (Kotaku) Cover your iPhone in LEGO brick (Amazon) Bones producer involved with Julian Assange biopic (Variety) Brand New Women in Comics Wiki Needs Wiki-ing (Women in Comics) Pac-Man getting animated, will stop at nothing to be relevant again (AnimeNation) This link is about whale sex (Discover) (Photo via Steotch)

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  13. Science

    People Are Playing Video Games With Paramecia

    This is a paramecium. You probably haven't thought about it since 7th-grade biology, but as a refresher, it is a one-celled organism akin to the amoeba. And now scientists have started playing with them. Like pets. But while inserting them into old school video games like Pong and Pac-Man. How exactly have they made this happen, pitting microscopic creatures against each other in Atari games? Click through for the explanation and the video:

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  14. Gaming

    A Pac-Man Reality Show. Really.

    They couldn't have warned us? Seriously, when you have a stupid idea for a TV show, doesn't it usually make the Internet rounds for a little while before we find out it's being produced? Because apparently, Merv Griffin Entertainment is producing a Pac-Man reality show, and nobody bothered to ask us our opinions. Here are my issues with this:

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  15. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 12/3

    World Wildlife Fund Invents PDF That Can't Print to Save Trees (Adverblog) If Dr. Seuss Did Star Wars (Adam Watson) Understanding Pac-Man Ghosts (GameInternals) Most Impressive Long-Exposure Light Video You Will See Today (Flavorwire) 10 Classic Science Fiction Novels as Word Clouds ( Denver: Saving Us From Cylons, One Tiny Robot Toy at a Time (Blastr) Steampunk Superheroes (Chet Phillips) (pic via Reddit.)

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