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    Rock out to the Pacific Rim Main Theme Played by Singing Tesla Coils and a Robot

    The Pacific Rim Main Theme has reached its ultimate form in being performed by a robot with singing tesla coils. We can think of no better treatment for the score of a movie about giant fighting robots than being played by a creepy robot drummer and humming lightning coils. We also can't think of a better way to play any music at all.

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    We Review the Pacific Rim Blu-ray, and Talk a Lot About Drifting

    Our friends at Legendary Pictures sent us over a copy of the Pacific Rim Blu-ray combo pack, and we checked it out over the weekend. If you loved Pacific Rim, you're probably going to want to spring for the Blu-ray rather than just the DVD or a download because the features are extensive, and incredible.

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    How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended, Now With Bonus Voltrons [Video]

    I feel deep in my heart that Pacific Rim is a totally amazing blockbuster movie, but I'll admit that there are a lot of points where you have to willingly suspend your disbelief. Naturally, Youtube animated channel How It Should Have Ended went ahead and poked at those points with a giant robot sword. Several giant robot swords, actually.

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    Guilermo Del Toro Continues To Be The Cutest In this Clip from Japanese TV [Video]

    For someone who dreams up such terrifying monsters for a living, Guillermo Del Toro seems like a remarkably sweet, down to earth guy. In this video, Del Toro goes on a tour of Odaiba Island to promote Pacific Rim's Japan release with actors Rinko Kinkuchi and Mana Ashida, but steals the show by acting like a big excited teddy bear the whole time.

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    Pacific Rim #1 at International Box Office, Apocalypse Cancelled Worldwide

    To put it bluntly, this summer has not been a good season for American blockbusters internationally. Even Iron Man 3, which added special scenes with Chinese pop stars to appeal to the audience, tanked as heavy as its army of metal suits. Frustratingly, Americans flocked to the critically panned Grown Ups 2 rather than the awesome Pacific Rim, which ended up being the king of the international box office this past weekend, grossing $35.3 million. I don't think you don't have to sync your mind with a kaiju to figure out why.

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    New Pacific Rim Trailer Keeps Us Salivating [Video]

    There are two kinds of people here at the Geekosystem office: Those that can't wait for Pacific Rim to come out on July 12th, and those that can't wait but are kind of tired of hearing about from the other employees. I'm in the first camp, so here's the latest and greatest Pacific Rim trailer to tide us all over until then.

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    New Pacific Rim Trailer Shows Us As Many Giant Robots And Monsters As We Can Handle

    Warner Bros. had planned on holding out until WonderCon to debut this trailer, but the gigantic robot cat is out of the bag now. The new Pacific Rim trailer is a solid two-and-a-half minutes of huge robots fighting huger monsters, because that's exactly what people want out of this movie. They get into a little bit of the story. Something about aliens invading. I don't know. There are too many skyscraper-sized robots punching weird monsters in this thing to focus on whatever plot they're trying to convey.

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    Someone Edited the Power Rangers Theme Song Over the Pacific Rim Trailer, Improves it Drastically

    We love a good giant robot here at Geekosystem, so of course we're pumped for Pacific Rim. The new trailer looks impressive, but somebody thought it would be even better if they replaced all the sound with the opening theme song for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They were so incredibly right. It makes it at least five times as great as the unaltered trailer. Zordon would be proud. Maybe when the movie comes out next summer I'll just watch it while listening to the soundtrack from the Power Rangers movie.

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    Full Pacific Rim Trailer Released, Has Obligatory Sword-Fighting Scene

    The first full-length trailer for Pacific Rim has finally been released and it's basically everything you would want from director Guillermo del Toro's love letter to the kaiju and mecha genres: Giant robots and monsters beating the hell out of each other centered around a plot that involves... well, basically giant robots and monsters beating the hell out of each other. Okay, the plot may be a little on the thin side and paint-by-numbers, but in the long run, this is the kind of movie we wish existed back when we were five years old. Better late than never, we suppose.

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    Pan’s Labyrinth Musical In The Works, We’re Just As Confused As You Are

    Pan's Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro's hallucinatory fairy tale of a family unravelling and a young girl's descent into insanity in the midst of the Spanish Civil War is being adapted into a musical for the stage. We really don't know what to say on this one, as there's not exactly a whole lot of words in that last sentence that exactly scream "song and dance routine" to us. Then again, what the heck do we know? This thing could end up being the next big Broadway smash -- like Annie, but with way more phantasmagoric monsters and people being shot.

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    This Weekend Was Kaiju-Tastic at Comic-Con, Sneak Peeks of Godzilla and Pacific Rim

    San Diego Comic-Con is always a time for big announcements, but few could be bigger than those surrounding the upcoming Godzilla reboot and Guillermo del Toro's giant robots vs. monsters movie Pacific Rim. Both feature baddies on an enormous scale, and both draw from a long tradition of Japanese cinema. They also sound really, really exciting.

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