1. Science

    Paralyzed Patients to Use Pupil Responses to Communicate

    Locked-In Syndrome is a condition where patients retain cognitive function, but are completely unable to move, speak, or communicate. It's a pretty scary situation, but researchers are developing a way for locked-in patients to communicate using the pupils of their eyes.

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  2. Tech

    Robot Controlled By Brain Waves Could Put You In An Awesome Android Body

    Researchers at the CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory just released this new video of a robot controlled by human brainwaves -- you think, and it acts. While it's in the early stages, this research puts us one step closer to leaving our pitiful meat suits behind and moving to a future where be bicker and complain at one another through indestructible robot bodies. We can't wait.

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  3. Science

    Double Trouble: Bees Also Have A Paralyzing Bite To Deal With Intruders

    Though they're one of the world's most infamously well-armed insects, it turns out bees have only been turning half of their armory on us all these years. In addition to their famously venomous stingers, bees have a bite that delivers a paralyzing toxin to their victims, and researchers in Greece and France think the poison could one day be repurposed as a local anesthetic for humans.

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