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    The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Is So Much Fun With the Parks and Rec Theme Song [Video]

    What's the best thing about Chris Pratt being in Guardians of the Galaxy aside from Chris Pratt being generally a delight? All of the Parks and Rec jokes, of course. Just a day after the official trailer dropped, the Internet has brought us a Parks and Rec version, and it's everything you ever dreamed it would be.

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    Dog With A Blog Has Higher Ratings Than Parks and Recreation

    We learned two things this morning. One: There is an actual show on television called Dog With A Blog. Two: apparently more people sit down to watch it live than they do Parks and Recreation, which is arguably the best comedy on network television right now (at least until the return of Community). So... that's happening.

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    Check Out Patton Oswalt’s Animated Parks and Rec Filibuster [Video]

    What's better than seeing Patton Oswalt's stunning eight minute pitch for a Star Wars/Marvel Universe/Clash of the Titans film franchise crossover? Seeing it animated for the Nerdist Youtube channel by Daniel Spellman in honor of Geek Week. This is everything I ever wanted in anything.

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    This is LITERALLY the Worst: Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe to Leave Parks and Rec

    Come season 6, episode 13 of Parks and Rec, we will have to bid adieu to the beautiful perfect flower that is Ann Perkins and the unstoppable force of positivity and user of full names that is Chris Traeger. Dammit, guys.

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    Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

    If you weren't already a fan of Patton Oswalt, this should likely bring you into the fold: Oswalt performed an improvised eight-minute rant/filibuster for an episode of Parks and Recreation. What was said rant/filibuster about? His idea for Star Wars Episode VII, with a few surprising twists mixed in.

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    KinderStuff Launches Secondhand Kids’ Fashion Company Online, Sounds Vaguely Familiar

    If you're a regular reader of the site, you know I'm a new father. That's probably why KinderStuff caught my attention. My daughter is less than a month old, and she's already outgrown a lot of the Batman outfits she has. Don't worry, she has more, but it raises the issue that children quickly outgrow clothing, so parents are constantly having to buy new clothes. New online clothing company KinderStuff offers premium, organic clothing, and when your kid outgrows it, you can send it back for a discount on new clothes. The site launched in the U.S. today. Letting kids wear high-end garments for a limited time? Where have I heard that before...

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    Parks and Recreation Wedding Album’s the Best Use of Pinterest Yet

    We're not saying Pinterest is for the birds, but the social media platform definitely attracts a certain kind of material. If it's not cute pictures of animals, inventive uses for leftover cardboard boxes, or something to do with fashion, it probably doesn't belong on Pinterest. That said, someone over at NBC has totally figured out this social media thing. A recent Parks and Recreation episode saw Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope tie the knot in their own haphazard way, and NBC put up a faux wedding album for the characters on Pinterest.

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    Pawnee, Indiana’s Chock Full of Drunks, Apparently [Video]

    The fictional Pawnee, Indiana, anyway. Not that there's an actual Pawnee, Indiana, but that's beside the point. The good folks over at Slacktory have composed a lovely supercut of all the drinking on Parks and Recreation. Turns out, a whole lot of people drink a whole lot of booze. Granted, this is composed from footage from the show's entire run, but it's still a significant amount.

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    Celebrate Chris Pratt’s Guardians of the Galaxy Casting With Some of the Best Andy Dwyer GIFs Ever

    Entertainment news keeps on rolling in today, and it looks like Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt, as in the actor behind Andy Dwyer, will be taking on the role of Star-Lord in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. That's... amazing. Like, there really aren't words to describe how happy I am at this news. Not only does Pratt totally deserve the chance to portray a superhero like Star-Lord, but the man is by far my favorite actor on Parks and Recreation. Yes, the Internet loves Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson -- as do I -- but Pratt's take on Andy is both hilarious and heartfelt. To celebrate his casting, here's a series of Andy Dwyer GIFs that are just fabulous.

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    Ron Swanson Teaches Us How to Avoid a Bacon Shortage [Video]

    You might've heard there could be a bacon shortage in our near future, and you might've heard that, actually, there won't be one. Either way, the very slight possible chance that perhaps, just maybe, there'd be a shortage of bacon at any point in time worries Ron Swanson. Thankfully, in a The More You Know parody, he's here to teach us all how to prepare for the grim possibility.

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    Watch Adam Scott Deconstruct the Meaning Behind “Ice Ice Baby”

    Adam Scott, the actor that portrays Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation, happened to also play a part in Step Brothers, the 2008 Will Ferrell movie. For Step Brothers, Scott was required to memorize the lines to Vanilla Ice's perennial hit "Ice Ice Baby." While discussing this fact on Conan, he broke out the lyrics and started examining what it truly means to "flow like a harpoon" and "wax a chump like a candle." Check the video out after the jump.

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    Nick Offerman, AKA Ron Swanson, Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities While Doing Manly, Outside Work

    If you weren't aware, Nick Offerman, who plays manliest of men Ron Swanson on the excellent Parks and Recreation, is actually the manliest of men in real life as well; Ron Swanson seems to be largely based on Nick Offerman himself. So, what's a funny thing that the manliest of men could do? Sternly recite tweets of young female celebrities while doing manly woodwork outdoors. I think Conan has a gem of a segment here.

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    Ron Swanson Turkey Burger: Fried Turkey Leg Inside Grilled Hamburger

    Last week on Parks and Recreation, polar opposites Rob Lowe's Chris Traeger and Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson held a contest to see if a turkey or beef burger would taste better. Ron initially asked if by turkey burger, Chris meant a friend turkey leg stuffed inside a grilled hamburger. Chris didn't mean that. Suffice it to say, Chris bought a bunch of fancy ingredients from an organic food store and whipped up some fancy turkey burgers, plated them beautifully and described them in detail to the panel of judges (their coworkers). Ron Swanson bought generic beef from his favorite grocery store, Food and Stuff, where he gets most of his food and stuff, and handily won the contest with plain beef hamburgers.

    Of course, someone made Ron's idea of what a turkey burger is, and posted the recipe so everyone could give it a whirl. It is supposedly fairly delicious even though it contains the bone, though one could easily modify the recipe to fry boneless turkey leg meat and put that into separate beef patties. Check out the recipe over on Eater.

    (via Eater National)

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    NBC Promo for Parks and Recreation Accidentally Releases HUGE Spoiler?

    Toward the end of tonight's episode of NBC's Parks and Recreation, NBC aired one of their promos plugging the show's website, as is the custom. However, the promo seemingly contained a humongous spoiler: It told viewers to log onto the show's website for gift ideas for April and Andy's wedding. The thing is, there has been absolutely no sign whatsoever that April and Andy would be getting married anytime soon; in fact, the two characters aren't even dating, as Andy has been trying to win April over since last season.

    I have two theories:

    1. NBC released a promo for the show that was supposed to be for a future episode, thus accidentally revealing a huge spoiler at the wrong time.
    2. The episode that the promo aired after featured characters Ron Swanson and his ex-wife Tammy getting married during a drunken binge, and also featured character Jerry giving them a present from their wedding registry. So, instead of revealing a spoiler about April and Andy's future relationship, the NBC promo simply blundered and said the incorrect character names.
    However, the problem with theory #2 is the above video clearly shows April and Andy when the voiceover says their names, and I can't seem to find the wedding registry on, where the promo says it'll be. Whatever the reason, it looks like NBC just made a pretty big blunder. UPDATE: Going with theory #2, the show's website finally updated with Ron and Tammy's wedding registry, though it seems to simply be 11 stock photos of nothing related to the show, nor anything comedic. It seems entirely possible that NBC realized their blunder, then quickly threw a Ron and Tammy wedding registry together in an attempt to cover their tracks; however, as the above video clearly shows, both April and Andy are shown on screen when the voiceover says their names in the promo.

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