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    True Friends Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Play The Newlywed Game [Video]

    "The Newlywed Game" is a fun cruel exercise where couples compete to see how well they really know their partner. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen aren't a romantic couple, but they do have an enviable friendship -- although judging from this video, they definitely wouldn't win in a relationship trivia smackdown.

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    World’s Best Besties Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Took Over Late Night, Remain The Best

    Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen have a bromance for the ages. They've been gallivanting around NYC together for a while now, hanging at the Empire State Building and at Knicks games, making sci-fi/fantasy fans the world over shriek with AU crossover joy. Last night, we were treated to the Sirs' adorableness on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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    Patrick Stewart Read Some Very Sad Tweets From Jade Rabbit On The Daily Show Last Night [Video]

    We here at Geekosystem are very sad about the troubles that Jade Rabbit, the Chinese Lunar Rover, has been going through. You know, mostly because we get all overcome with feelings when bad things happen to cute robots. Good thing we have Patrick Stewart to read the rover's goodbye tweets to us so NO NOT A GOOD THING OH GOD WE'RE SO SAD.

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    Get In The Horrifying Holiday Spirit With A Reading From The Nightmare Before Christmas By Patrick Stewart

    Fun fact! Though in the final cut of The Nightmare Before Christmas, the opening poem is said by Edward Ivory (who also plays "Sandy Claws"), originally Patrick Stewart prrovided the narration. The studio didn't use his voice, instead throwing it in the soundtrack. We sort of wish they had used it, though, because it's amazing.

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  5. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks 12/2

    What's the responsible thing to do when you break out of prison? See a dentist and then turn yourself back in, of course. Who wants nasty teeth in prison? We've got that, Ron Burgundy co-hosting real life Olympic Curling trials, and a gift guide of regular objects made out of Legos in today's Geekolinks.

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  6. Tech

    #FollowFriday: Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew)

    Ahh, How do we love Patrick Stewart? Let us count the ways on this week's #FollowFriday, where we highlight an awesome Twitter feed that we think you should follow. And trust us -- if you're not following Patrick Stewart already, it's imperative that you do so right this second. He is a delight.

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    Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan Take Pictures With Time Square Elmo Because They’re The Best

    Patrick Stewart posted a pretty amazing photo on his Twitter account a few hours ago. Shouldn't Stewart be on his honeymoon right now? With his wife? Not the dude who married the two of them? Wait, who am I kidding. Of course Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan would go on a honeymoon together. Bless their hearts.

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  8. Entertainment

    Patrick Stewart’s Recent Speech Confirms I Want to Be Patrick Stewart When I Grow Up

    Good morning, everyone. Today, we're delighted to bring you this video of nerd icon Patrick Stewart being exactly the person you want him to be in real life this weekend at Comicapalooza in Houston. In response to a fan's touching question, Stewart delivers an incredible, heartfelt, and deeply personal off-the-cuff speech about the repercussions of domestic violence and PTSD in his own life, and the work he does to try and help others suffering through the same sorts of troubles.

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  9. Weird

    Captain Picard Sings the Alphabet

    No, it's not a clip from Sesame Street. (Though there are plenty enough of those.) In fact, we're actually not sure where this comes from, but we don't care. If we think about it too hard it might disappear. (Lyrics here, via Zoe Chevat.)

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  10. Entertainment

    Sylvester McCoy to Play Radagast the Brown? Wait… Radagast in The Hobbit?

    The buzz about Sylvester McCoy, veteran of British television (including a stint playing the Doctor), lately has been that he is in talks to play a certain part in The Hobbit, though definitely "not the Bilbo role." (In other interesting facts: he also once played the part of the Fool in King Lear, against, yes, Ian McKellen as the titular monarch.) Bleeding Cool, however, has a "trustworthy source" that has pegged his negotiations as revolving around a much more obscure character: Radagast the Brown. Why do we care about negotiations for a bit part in The Hobbit? Because we're obssesed? Well, yes. Of course. But also because Radagast doesn't actually appear in The Hobbit, but if he does, it gives us a big hint on one of the movies' big spectacles. This is one of those prime examples of how Tolkien was an incredible historian and linguist but perhaps a bad novelist.

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