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    PBS’s Game/Show Examines The Worst Games Ever (And What Makes Them So Bad)

    We've all played a horrifically-awful game and berated ourselves for wasting our time, money, and effort. But what is it, exactly, that makes a game empirically bad? Jamin Warren of PBS's Game/Show takes a look at some of the worst games of all time, and what it is that makes us hate them so very much.

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    Could Dark Souls Be the Future of Storytelling in Gaming? [Video]

    Jamin Warren of PBS Game/Show really hates cutscenes. Even when seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, cutscenes still remove all sense of agency and turn the player into a viewer instead. But is story even necessary? And can diagetic story-driven games like Dark Souls or Gone Home pick up the slack?

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    Virtual Reality is Coming and You Are Going To Suck At It, Says PBS Game/Show

    The growth of the oculus rift is incredibly exciting, but it's totally going to explode your brain when you put it on, because we have a harder time distinguishing between virtual reality and actual reality than we previously thought. So how's this going to affect our gaming abilities? PBS Game/Show attempts to explain.

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    PBS Game/Show Looks at Why We Love and Hate NPCs

    Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in video games can often be some of the best (or worst) parts of games. Jamin Warren explains why we get so attached to these characters we can't play in the latest episode of his wonderful webseries PBS Game/Show. Who are some of your favorite NPCs of all time?

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    What Even Is a Gamer, Anyway? [Video]

    Gamer is a term that gets thrown around a lot with many applications but a pretty fuzzy definition. Unfortunately, it's often used to create an "us versus them" scenario that only serves to divide people and diminish the worth of different groups and genres. What can we do about it? Game/Show's got a pretty good idea for us.

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    PBS Game/Show Explains How Zelda Exploits Your Nostalgia, but Maybe in a Good Way

    Pretty much everyone loves The Legend of Zelda, right? Right. Of course they do; it's great. But, do we love it because Nintendo is playing to our sense of nostalgia? What is nostalgia anyway? Jamin Warren explains in the latest episode of PBS Game/Show and even answers questions from a Vegas hotel room.

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    Does Artificial Intelligence Have A Place in eSports?

    Games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, or Planetside 2 are notable for their cooperative play between real live teammates. But what if one of those teammates could be replaced by a capable A.I.? PBS Game/Show thinks it might be worth doing in the future as a way to streamline gamplay. Here's their argument for why.

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    How Come Nobody’s Really Tried To Copy Minecraft Yet? [Video]

    Okay, hear us out. Yes, ripping off ideas from other, better material is probably bad. But as PBS Game/Show points out, Minecraft is ridiculously popular among gamers and non-gamers alike, so you'd expect more post-Minecraft game developers to be borrowing from their success in a big way. So what gives?

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    Game/Show Challenges the Idea That the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 Resolution Difference Even Matters

    The Internet has been all over the graphical difference between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One recently. Those of us who remember the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo (or any other console launch) have heard this argument before, but the fact that gamers still argue over these things might be a bigger problem than graphics themselves.

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    Why Are Hard Games So Much More Fun Than Easy Ones? [Video]

    Getting to feel like you're really amazing at something is fun, right? Apparently not as fun as getting ground into the dust first. That's why the harder video games are better than the easy ones, Jamin Warren of PBS Game/Show argues. You feel like you've accomplished something, even if you haven't gotten up off the couch in days!

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    PBS Game/Show Is Back and They’re Taking a Look at Gender-Bending in Games

    Not all games give you a choice of your character's gender, but some do. When given that choice, some people play as the opposite gender, and PBS Game/Show examines whether or not switching up your gender in a game is weird by examining the different reasons people choose to do it. As always, it's an interesting watch. Check it out.

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    PBS Game/Show Considers What Permadeath in Games Teaches Us About Life

    Death is permanent, but not in video games. Unless it's permadeath, which is kind of a novel concept in gaming. When your character dies, that's it. There's no reloading. Game over. Forever. In this week's Game/Show host Jamin Warren looks at what video game permadeath can teach us about life and actual death.

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    PBS Game/Show Looks at Male Stereotypes in Video Games

    Last week PBS Game/Show tackled the idea of whether or not video games need Anita Sarkeesian's feminism. Not surprisingly, the comments on the thread went nuts. This week they've decided to look at how games handle male stereotypes. It's less of a hot button issue, but maybe it shouldn't be.

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    Do we need Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Gaming Perspective? PBS Game/Show Says We Do

    Anita Sarkeesian is a social activist and feminist whose main focus happens to be the lack of diverse female characters ad tropes in mainstream video games. Naturally, a lot of gamers think she's trying to kill everything they love and hate her on sight. PBS Game/Show and Jamin Warren won't stand for that, of course.

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    PBS Game/Show Might Just Be Our New Favorite Thing

    We already love the PBS YouTube shows Idea Channel and Off Book, so it's no surprise we like their new one Game/Show as well. It focuses specifically on the relationship between video games and culture, and it's incredible. The first episode has host Jamin Warren explain the endurance of Mario, Sonic, and Link as characters. We love this. A lot.

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